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Raleigh Area Moms - Did you Deliver at Rex Hospital? Like It?

I just wanted to see who out there delivered at Rex and how was your delivery experience? Did you take any classes through the hospital? I'm currently with Wilkerson OB/GYN and would deliver at Rex. I'm big time planner and can't help thinking about these things even though it is so early! Thanks!

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Re: Raleigh Area Moms - Did you Deliver at Rex Hospital? Like It?

  • I delivered both times at Rex, and had great experiences.  The first time, they hadn't finished their renovations, and I still didn't feel cramped or anything in our room.  Now, though, the rooms are huge! :) 

    The nursing staff is excellent, visitation is easy as long as everyone follows the rules, and the food is very good - plus, you get to order from a menu, which is nice! You can get  vouchers for your spouse or other family to eat with you.  You just call and order like room service.

    Good luck, and H&H 9 months!

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  • I also delivered at Rex, and had a great experience.  The nurses were all great, the room service food is very good for a hospital, and the rooms were very nice.  I did take their child birth class, but you need to sign up early to get in - like, in your 1st trimester.

    GL!  And H&H 9 months to you!

    Rachel & Bill 9-10-05, Liam Andrew born 5-30-08 (formerly lakebride05)
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  • Another thumbs up for Rex.  We took 2 classes provided by Rex: "Preparing for Childbirth" (1day, Saturday class) and "Preparing to Breastfeed."  The childbirth class was helpful and the hospital tour with Q&A at the end was invaluable.  Here's a link to the class registration, if you want to take a class, sign up ASAP! http://www.rexhealth.com/Classes_and_Resources/Classes/birth_class.asp
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  • I delivered both times at Rex and had great experiences each time.  I only took the tour of the hospital and associated class.  I signed up to late to take their birthing class.
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  • I also had a great experience at Rex. The nurses were super nice, the food was good, etc. My room was pretty small, but most of them are larger now, as they were renovating the entire wing.

    I also took the breastfeeding and childbirth class. I liked them both. The childbirth class has options to take it spread out over several days, or one all day class. We did the all day class. It made for a long day, but it worked out better for us.

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  • I agree with everyone else.  I took their preparing for childbirth, preparing for breastfeeding and working and breastfeeding classes and liked them all.

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  • I loved it there too. My L&D nurse (s) were excellent! Everyone was very nice. Food was good. And it was enough me and hubby shared my plate. They were a bit slow on the discharge (but it was also Thankgiving day). And they didn't do the ink footprints like more places do. And somehow they lost the tape they measured DD with. But other than just those few minute things, it was great!
  • I was super Happy with Rex when I had DS! The nurses were wondeful ( i only had one i diddnt care for!!) The rooms are a great size, the food is really good considering its a hospital, and you can order multiple things and there is also a lil snack room on the floor with drinks and snacks!! I took the childbirth class and did the one day session as well and it went very smoothly!
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  • Delivered DS there, had a great experience - plan on delivering #2 there as well. Food was great - I had a made-to-order omelet every morning for breakfast!

  • I delivered DS there and had a good experience.  The food was really good, and my RNs were very nice.  DH and I took the preparing for childbirth classes there too.  I loved our teacher she was a RN at the hospital and a doula and gave us great advice.  We took the class in 3 Saturdays and I'm glad we didn't did it all in one day because it would have been overwhelming for DH.
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     In June I discovered my baby girl no longer had a heart beat and delivered her at rex.  All the nurses there were amazing except for one but I told another nurse that she made me uncomfortable and she set it up so I would have a different one the next day.  When I told her about what happend she was shocked that the other nurse was so insensitive.  They were so incredibly sweet and came in and sat on my bed or next to it and talked to me when I needed it.  I was very impressed.  I felt like that really truely cared.  Unfortunately we did not get to go to any of the classes we scheduled.

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