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3 year old naughty talk

So my daughter picked up 'poo-poo' talk somewhere and has been saying it for over a month now.  What I mean is, she'll just insert the word 'poo-poo' naughtily into sentences to be silly.  I thought she'd get bored of it, so just ignored it, but it's starting to get very old.  I've recently tried explaining to her it's not nice or polite to talk like that, but it continued.  Who else has dealt with this and do you have recommendations to stop it?  Is it really time-out worthy?  TIA!

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Re: 3 year old naughty talk

  • My guys were calling each other "slow-head" for a few weeks.  I tried the same things.  Eventually they got tired of it and dropped it.  I don't know if I will be so lucky with the next colorful word they pick up though.  

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  • I'm sure you will take no solace in this but I'm SOOO glad to see that girls do this too!

    I live in a house full of guys.  It's tough some times!

    The only advice I have is ignore, ignore, ignore.

     The more I tried to eliminate it or restrict it (no pee or poop talk at the table for example) the funnier it was to them.

    The good news is that they don't do it at other people's houses (yet) so at least they seem to have gotten the message that it's not appropriate in public.  Dylan started to do it once in the grocery store but he got a look that would kill and it stopped right away.  

    I may be in the minority but from what I've seen with friends kids this is a phase and the more "naughty" they perceive it to be the more some with button pushing personalities (like my 2nd) will do it. 

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  • Potty humor of any sort is HILARIOUS at our house. Finn's favorite is, "Mom, are you a..." (pause for dramatic effect) "stinky butt?????" (insert maniacal laughter). I don't even know where he got this. We say bottom, not butt, and the stinky part, well, who knows. I just ignore it. Drawing attention to it in any capacity at all apparently just makes it funnier.

  • I tried ignoring it for a while too, but it just didnt work.  So, the new rule is that potty talk belongs in the bathroom.
  • I ignored it as long as I could stand it, then I just tried telling him "well, if you say poopie, it must mean you have to go to the bathroom.  The only time we ever use that word is when we're in the bathroom or need to go." and he got marched to the potty.  (he hates interrupting play to go potty) About 5 trips of that, and it pretty much stopped.
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