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any1 dc had/have tubes in the ears

My ds is on his second round of anitbotics for ear infection.  his doctor talked about doing tubal surgery.  I am concerned about it.

Re: any1 dc had/have tubes in the ears

  • I have been through 3 tube surgeries between my two.  Okay, missing some facts here:  is it just one stubborn ear infection or has your DS had a bunch?  Both of mine had at least 4 in a few month period.  So you know, the tube surgery is remarkably easy.  Both of mine, while cranky afterwards, were themselves easily within 24 hrs, a little less, truth be told.  And they each had some nasty gunk suctioned out each time that had just been sitting behind the ear drum, poor things.  No ear infections since.  If you are concerned that your dr is recommending tubes too fast, go to a pediatric ENT and get evaluated.  FWIW, our ENT tried to avoid tubes and did things like nasonex and antibiotics to avoid them.  We just couldn't though and turns out they both needed them.

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  • He has had a couple but this last one seems to be the worse.  He has been on antibotics since Christmas.
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    He has had a couple but this last one seems to be the worse.  He has been on antibotics since Christmas.

    Might as well cut to the chase and get a referral to a good pediatric ENT.  It can take a while to get in so you might want to have your pedi's office call for you because that can expedite the process.

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  • You have every right to be concerned. I was too. I was a nervous wreck. On her 3rd round of antibiotics for the same ear infection, amongst the 4-5 she had already had in the past year, was finally the breaking point for me to say yay to the tubes. Her tubes have been in 9 months now, still there per the dctr, and she has had 2 infections since. So, are they working or is it because she is just getting older? Who knows?

    It is a tough decision.

  • And ditto to consult with a pediatric ENT. We actually went to two to get a second opinion, that was how worried I was about it.
  • It was the best thing we did for my DD.  My ped looks for a certain of ear infections in a set amount of time, can't recall exactly but something like 3-4 infections over a few months, before she refers you to the ENT.  We had pretty much gone from one to another with little break in between.  When we saw the ENT, my DD had some hearing loss.  Surgery was set for a week or so later and 1 week after surgery, her hearing was back 100% and she has not had an infection since and the surgery was 1 1/2 years ago and the tubes fell out sometime this fall.
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  • Between my two, I've been through 5 of those surgeries.  They've been so worth it though!  I would definitely make an appt with a specialist.
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  • DS got tubes just after his first birthday.  He'd had multiple infections, was allergic to one antibiotic, had resistance to another, had some hearing was enough.

    Since the tubes he has not had another infection.  Recovery - if you can even call it that - was very very quick.  I am huge proponent of tubes. 

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