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xp - potty training in the am

We are slowly PTing DD - basically offer the potty every hour or so, encourage her to tell us if she needs to go, etc., etc.

I want to encourage her to use the potty when she first wakes up in the morning but at least 50% of the time she wakes up crying and upset (and still half asleep) and asks to eat immediately.  I normally take her downstairs and give her some cereal while she's in her PJs and I have my breakfast too.  She's normally sleepy but wakes up while she's eating.

I feel like she should use the potty RIGHT when she gets up, but if I told/asked her to use the potty when she got up, she'd probably just get upset b/c she's so tired and out of it.  But, if I wait until she's more awake, I think it'll turn into a game and she'll spend 20 minutes messing around in there when I actually need her (and me) to get dressed so we can leave. 

Any suggestions??

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Re: xp - potty training in the am

  • Potty in her room next to her bed/crib?

    then immediately reward w/ food- maybe a cereal bar or yogurt or fruit?  something portable? 

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  • My last post was super short because I was NAK. 

    When E was PL'ing we would put a little potty next to her bed, just in case she woke up and had to go.  It didn't totally prevent bedtime accidents, but there were plenty of times where she got up in the morning or up from nap and peed w/o telling us, or would come and tell us she had peed, etc.

    Now E. is a very heavy sleeper, so we are able to move her from carseat to toddler bed, our bed to toddler bed, etc.  So if we are up @ say 1 or 2 or 4 am DH will bring a little potty into her room and sit her on it while she is 75% asleep and she will go, and then put her back in her bed.  The potties now live in the bathroom, but we will move the potty into the bedroom for this middle of the night potty breaks.  This keeps her from wetting the bed and from having to wear diapers to sleep.  

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