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Getting rid of baby toys, question

My youngest (and last) is almost 16m and I'm getting rid of a lot of baby toys.  I'm curious if you guys kept any toys?  I guess I would keep a few because a lot of my friends have littler kids or have yet to have kids.  Did you keep a few for things like playdates?  I'm talking about all kinds of toys..  stacking rings, shape sorters, sit-to-stand type 'walking' toys, etc.  I have them all ready to go to the consignment shop because I just don't like all the clutter, but I guess I could be persuaded to keep a few in the basement.

Re: Getting rid of baby toys, question

  • I am not a saver at all. And while we're not done having kids yet, when that time comes, I really don't plan on keeping anything.
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  • I'm not a saver either.  The only things we will be keeping are things that I feel will make good hand me downs to grandkids.  For example: we have DH's rocking horse and all  my brother's matchbox cars, so stuff like that along with some of the wooden toys that are small but awesome.
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