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I didn't want to correct this poster because I am new to being an army wife. But is this post against OPSEC? Just trying to learn the "rules". LOL! Thanks



I posted this on the Nest by accident. Sorry. 


  • Eh, it is borderline I guess.  She said he was boarding a plane in two hours, but she doesn't say where he's boarding the plane from or where he was deployed to or give any unit numbers and she says "a few weeks" for the return.  She doesn't give an actual date.  And a few weeks could mean anything from 2 to 5.  For all we know, he could be boarding a commercial flight out of Germany.  My husband has deployed a number of times using commercial air travel to get him where he needed to go.  I don't think it's that bad, but I can see your concern.
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  • Ok, thanks. I didn't really want to correct her. I will leave that to more experienced people :-) I just want to learn where the lines are about what is ok to say or not say.
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  • Well, again, it was borderline in my opinion.  Mentioning the timing of the flight was a technical violation of OPSEC.  As a new wife, if you're ever in doubt about OPSEC, just don't say anything.  She already got corrected by another poster and that's plenty.  Certainly we didn't all need to gang up on her.
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