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Potty Training

Ok, where do I start

DS will be 3 in March and now that DS #2 isn't as needy I'm ready to start working on potty training.  Can you suggest any books, website etc?  When I go buy a potty should I buy something basic that works well or get something with characters that he likes (such as Cars)?

My biggest problem right now is we dont even know when he's gone.  He doesnt tell us; he will sit/play in a messy diaper till we realize he is messy, he seems to care less about wet diapers.  He complains more about the diaper rubbing/itching him than it being wet or dirty.  But he almost always ends up with at least a little diaper rash if we dont get to a messy diaper quickly so I think we need to get him potty trained!

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Re: Ok, where do I start

  • We used the 3 day PTing boot camp, and it has worked great for us. (ETA: this method trains them to tell you when they need to go, versus you asking them if they need to go, which is key, IMO). She went straight to underwear, and we are donig a Pull-up at night. We bought a couple of different kinds of potties at consignment sales, but she's liked the potty ring you put on the regular toilet the best. Personally, that's what I'd recommend. You don't have to clean it out (well, you do have to wipe it down sometimes, but that's easy--with a Clorox wipe), and you can bring it with you when you're out and about easier than a potty chair.

    We went with a plain one, versus one with characters on it, to avoid distraction. But I think that's personal preference--your DS might be motivated by a Cars one. We are using a sticker chart (googled potty chart, and found a cute one to print off, and have one in each bathroom), and mini m&m's as bribes (err...motivation. LOL)

    We're a little over a week in, and so far, she's doing great! No accidents since Wednesday at daycare. None at home since last Sunday.


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  • Sounds to me like he is not anywhere near ready to be trained.  Your child should be showing some signs of being interested in going on the potty before you start trying.  It will be a lot less stressful for everyone involved.  My older DD trained totally in 3 weeks at 2 years and 9 months and my very strong willed almost 3 year old is not trained simple because she will train when she wants to - she could have been trained already but if pushed, she just won't go and nothing I or anyone does to force her to go is not going to work.  I know that when she is ready, it will be done.  As far as a potty - I just use a potty ring - one with Dora and we also have an Elmo one.  It sits right on the big potty and we keep a stool in the bathroom.  I personally find the potty seats nasty.  I would simple talk to your child about using the potty,  let him see others going, read some books about it (There is one that has changed nursery rhymes to have to do with going potty, and Everyone Poops).  Follow his lead.  When he is ready, he'll let you know.  The 1st step is for your child to be uncomfy sitting in his poop/pee and make that known to you.
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  • I did the 3 day pt method and it worked great for us!  DS wasnt showing many signs either.  I could tell after he had went but nothing before.  Id give it a try!  We use both a potty chair and a potty seat to put on the actual toilet.  DS doesnt seem to have a preference.  We also have a poop sticker chart.  If you have any other questions you can page me on  the 3-6 board!
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