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My long overdue birth story

 So its been 6 months but I still remember like it was yesterday hehe. I was at my 39 week scheduled appointment wich my DF just so happened to come along with me to,  my midwife checked me and I was 5 cm dialated, 90% effaced and my little guy was at 0 station(had been for weeks). Now, my midwife was going on vaca the following week and I had switched to her practice at 30 weeks just to have her! So we decided we were going to go ahead and break my water since I was already so far progressed and my blood pressure was up again. She stripped my membranes(to see if that would jump start anything) and sent me to L&D.

Around 2 pm my midwife came and broke my water. Within I would say 30 minutes I was having full blown contractions. It was a good thing we had gone ahead and done this as my water was full of meconium(sp?) and it was a good thing he was coming out a little early.

My plan was to go without any pain medication. This was very difficult. I labored in the birthing tub for quite some time wich helped immensly. After 10 hours of non-medicated labor it was time for me to push. I pushed for 2 hours and eventually could not go on any longer as the pain was just too much and he was not moving down. I got my epidural around 2 am and rested for about 2 hours. It was wonderful lol! My midwife came in around 4 am and advised me it was time to get the baby out. I could not feel the contractions after the epidural but the pushing still was intensly painful. So after 2 more hours of pushing my Little Payton arrived into the world at 6:02 am. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but worth every moment. To all other mothers out there I praise you and to all moms to be good luck : ) Thanks for reading

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