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Potty Training Regression?? (kinda long)

My daughter is almost 23 months old. She's been interested in the potty and has been sitting on the potty since she was 15 months old. She has peed and pooped on the potty on occassion too. She tells us when she's wet and tells us when she needs to go. I figured since she was doing all these things, she was ready to potty train. 

We started on Wednesday. She loves underwear so she picked out some underwear last week and on Wednesday we put them on her and told her if she needs to go pee or poo use the potty. I sat her on it from time to time. She had one pee accident that day and the rest were all on the potty (even poop, which really surprised me!).

On Day 2, she was doing great again, until after her nap. I took her diaper off her and put underwear on her and told her to use the potty if she needed to. She was going independently when she knew she needed to go, she didn't need me to put her on it all the time. Anyways, after her nap she went 2 hours without going. I knew she needed to go so I sat her on the potty and told her to go pee. She refused. She'd walk around the house holding herself and crying and saying "pee pee". So I'd sit her on the potty, knowing she needed to go. She ended up having accidents the rest of the evening.

Same thing happened day 3. She would just complain that she needed to pee or poop and refused to use the potty. Today is day 5 and she has only had one successful pee in the potty since Friday.  Is this normal, to do soooo well and then suddenly regress??  She's holding it and she knows she has to go but doesn't want to go on the potty.

This morning she asked to wear the diaper and not underwear. I went ahead and let her. I don't want to force potty training. Is this just a sign she's not ready???  Should I just go ahead and wait a few weeks or something??? Advice? I appreciate any ideas!!!

Re: Potty Training Regression?? (kinda long)

  • She sounds like my DD and while my DD could be totally trained as she knows when she has to go and all of that, she has gone days with no accidents, has gone nights with no accidents, if anyone asks her to go - she refuses.  She goes on the potty when she wants.  She has tried undies before and we have ended up back in pull-ups (only use the pull-ups so she can go on her own, I treat them like diapers but they give her more independence).  I get so frustrated by it all as I know she could be trained but then I remind myself that potty training is 100% about my DD and when she is ready, she will do it.  Her latest thing is telling me that she will be trained when she turns 3 which is in about 7 weeks so we'll see.
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