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New to the board- need some advice


We are dipping our toes into the pre-school search. I can't believe we are here!

DD will be 3 in December and we're really going back and forth about whether to enroll her in preschool. She needs daycare 2x a week and the preschool program we really like is a 2x weekly program in the mornings with the ability to remain for child care in the afternoon. We're also thinking DD would not start kindergarten until she is 5, so this would mean 3 years of preschool. Any thoughts or opinions?

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  • I personally think preschool is great for kids - it teaches so many social skills that the kids will not learn in other environments.  Learning to interact with adults than parents, when are parents are not around is huge.  Learning how to share and behave in that "school" type of setting is huge.  The educational things they learn is a positive extra as I really believe that the social side of preschool is so important and per my teacher friends, kids that have gone to some sort of preschool have an easier time adjusting to kindergarten.  YOur DD would be fine with 3 years of preschool - my kids have been in daycare FT since they were infants, moved into the daycare centers preschool program at 2 1/2 (a few months sooner for DD #2) and then my older DD moved to a FT Pre-K program at 4 1/2 through the school district and both programs have done so much for my kids.  My older DD won't start Kindergarten until she is 6 due to a sever speech delay and I still would not have done things differently.
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