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New Tricare Question

Have any of you tried transferring your tricare location? We live in Guam and are currently on Prime (i hate it but w.e) but DH is going on deployment in Apr and im due in May and he wont be here for the birth, so i have decided to go home to Ohio for the birth of DS. Im not completely sure what our region is here, but i know i will have to change it when i go home. Does tricare allow that? I also want to drop prime down to standard. Do they allow you to change regions if your not PCSed there or no? I just got out of the military a year ago so im so not use to having to do everything myself. its kind of overwhelming at times. i envy you all that take it head on! LOL :)

thanks for the input ladies! 

Re: New Tricare Question

  • Yes. I was on Prime Remote North and moved to Prime South while pregnant with DD. Then when she was six months old, I moved back to North and elected for Standard. Have moved back and forth between South and North on Standard since then. DH has not been PCSed for most of my moves back and forth with DD.

    While I LOVE Standard and will never switch back, you may want to double check what Drs are available with Prime in Ohio; if you would use the same OB on Standard as Prime, you *may* want to keep Prime and save the money/paperwork.

    Call Tricare and ask them what paperwork you have to fill out and when. As I recall, I just had to fax a Standard application in once I got to the new region.

    (Be advised, however, that *within each region*, if you go off Prime for Standard, you will be locked out of switching back until the next enrollment period. This is important based on the date you elect Standard because you can back date the application. When I did this, I back dated a week to cover an appt I had set up right when I arrived in the new region, and they ended up unenrolling me from Prime in my previous region, so when I moved back to it a few months later, I HAD to stay on Standard. Ultimately it didn't matter to me, but if you're headed back to Guam, you want to make sure you get on Prime North and THEN unenroll to Standard IF you want to go back to Prime in Guam....... I know, confusing, huh?? Best bet is get the form faxed asap when you move so if you have a Dr's appt right away, you're covered on the right plan. I'm only mentioning all this because if you move late in your pregnancy, you'll have Drs appts pretty close together and will need to do the switch asap.)

    Also, after your LO is born, they will automatically be on Standard (once you enroll them in DEERS within 60 days of birth) UNLESS you fill out the paperwork to put them on Prime. The family deductible for Standard is $300/year and the max out of pocket is $1000/year.

    Sorry this is so long!

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  • I went from Tricare Europe to Tricare North when I moved home in Sept.  I had to go from Prime to Standard b/c I'm more than 100 miles from a Prime dr.  I personally think Standard sucks and I would much prefer being back on Prime since they are screwing me sideways.  Good luck though!
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