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Potty Training

potty training help

Today DD asked to sit on her potty seat so I put it on for her she pee'd 3 times than once on the bathroom floor was my fault should have let her sit longer.

Well what is my next step?

Do I buy pull up? Do they make underwear in size 12 months she is tiny only 21 pounds.

Should I spend the next two day off trying to potty train or just wait till she asks it's to early? She'll be 19 months on the 26th.

I'm so happy but scared at the same time !!! 


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Re: potty training help

  • DD has a tiny heiny too, LOL--I found that the Gerber training pants in size 18mo fit her well, but I had to order them on Amazon.  The 2T/3T ones are STILL way too big for her.
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