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Very positive planned C-Section


I have never really posted but I thought I would share my story to help anyone that may be nervous about an upcoming c-section. I had a planned c-section on Monday 1/10- I was 40 weeks along. I actually started contracting pretty strong at about 3am the morning of the surgery, so I guess that was going to be her birthday no matter what ! The only unpleasant part for me was having the catheter inserted while having pretty strong contractions. Anyway... they brought me into the OR at around 12:45 PM, I had the spinal administered (wow that worked quickly!!). They swung my legs up on to the table and within seconds I felt a warm sensation over my legs that slowly came up my abdomen. The put the curtain up and started testing me for sensitivity. Shortly after that knew I was ready and they brought my husband in. He stayed right next to me (held my hand, which was not tied down). And within minutes Sophia was born- beautiful, healthy a big at 8 lbs 10oz ! She was born at 1:04 PM .The whole process was very peaceful. I was very calm and liked knowing that everything being done was so in control and methodical.

My husband and I got to bond with the baby for a few minutes after her birth and then he went with her to our recovery room. The closure took 25 minutes.

Here is the reason I thought I should share my story -- my recovery has been fantastic. I was very worried about getting up after the surgery and being able to take care of the baby. It was not a big deal for me. The first 5 steps out of the bed were very short but not super painful. By the time I had made it to the bathroom I felt relatively normal. We stayed in the hospital for 2 days, both of which I was up and walking normally and able to take care of the baby without issue. 

Since leaving the hospital, I took 1 or 1 and a 1/2 percocet per day for the first day or two and am now off of them totally. Just taking 800mg of Motrin once or twice a day depending on how active I am.

Baby Sophia has been breastfeeding like a champ and was 8lbs 6oz today at her first check up.

Please feel free to send me a message if you have any more questions. I can not stress enough what a wonderful experience it was for me. I know that it is not always that way, but there is no need to be as terrified as we all are going in to it. 

I hope this helps relieve some 3rd trimester jitters for c-section mamas

Re: Very positive planned C-Section

  • My second c-section was planned, and was very similar experience. The only difference really was that I was ridiculously itchy from the morphine they gave me during surgery. I was itchy all over for about 2 days! I also got sick about an hour after my surgery too. I got sick with my first baby too. I'm just sensitive to meds.
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  • Great story!  With the spinal were you numb from the chest down?  Did you feel like you could or could not breathe?


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  • I was numb from the chest down, I just kept reminding myself to breathe to stay calm but I never felt that I couldn't breathe. I was very comfortable. Good luck!
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