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Tage & Taylen's birth- 30 weeks gestation

On October 25th, 2010, i woke up at 5 AM and I knew right away the pain I was having were contractions. I was always scared that I wouldn't know when I was contracting but boy did I know lol There was no mistaking these. I waited for half an hour to see how far apart they were before waking up DH. After 30 minutes, I had had about 4-5 contractions. I woke up DH and told him we have to go to L & D. I was 29 weeks 6 days pregnancy. We were at the hospital at 6:30 AM. They hooked me up to the monitors and determined I was having contractions. They checked my cervix and I was only dilated a fingertip. They called the dr on call (my dr was on vacation that week-of course) and he order a shot of Tributileen (sp?) to try and stop the contractions.  Contractions stopped for about 40 minutes and then came back. Dr. then ordered the pill form of the shot. It has a higher concentration of the same drug so they wanted to try that. Contractions still lasted for about half an hour after I took the pill and then I couldn't feel them anymore. Although I couldn't feel them, I was still having them as they were showing up on the monitor. Dr. came back around 2 PM and checked my cervix  again and I was still only dilated a fingertip. He decided that since i wasn't feeling them and I wasn't dilating that I could go home. He said that if I started feeling the contractions again, then to call him. Kyle and I got lunch at Taco Bell on our way home for a late lunch/early dinner. We were home for about an hour watching TV and then I got a contraction.
We called Dr. Dhillon right away. By the time I'd gotten him on the phone i'd already had another contraction (so 2 within 15 minutes of each other). He told me to lie on my left side and count my contractions and how far apart they are for 30 minutes and then to call him back). I had 3 contractions within that half an hour. First one was 12 minutes from the last, then 8 minutes, and then 10 minutes. I called his office and he was in with a patient so i left this information with a nurse. By the time Dr. Dhillon had called me back (20 minutes after the message), I had had two more contractions. 10 & 8 minutes apart. He told me to go up to Labor & Delivery again and they are expecting me. Drove back to the hospital and was admitted overnight. Had a DUMBASS nurse named Laurie. She actually had the nerve to tell me that "she didn't think that I was truely having contractions. I was having round ligament pain." ARE YOU FLIPPING SERIOUS??! Let me add that by this point I was absolutely *HYSTERICAL* because my contractions were so bad. I was bawling my eyes out and honesty wishing that
someone would just shoot me to put me out of my misery because it was so horrible. Dumbass nurse Laurie gave me Ambien she said "it would relax me" so I took the Ambien. All the Ambien did was make me completely and
utterly exhausted, yet I couldn't sleep because I was having contractions. They should seriously never give that to someone in labor. So stupid. I begged the nurse to call Dr. Dhillon because I was in so much pain and still having contractions so she finally did. Dr. Dhillon came and checked my cervix again. This time I was dilated to 2 cm. (OH YET YOU DON'T THINK THEY ARE CONTRACTIONS HUH?!?! DUMBASS!) So, they sent me via ambulance to
a bigger hospital because I am only 30 weeks pregnant and that hospital has a Level 3 NICU. I go in the ambulance which was a horrible ride. They gave me some magnesium drug to try and stop my contractions again before I left through my IV, yet I contracted the entire way (an hour!)  in the ambulance. What a horrible ride that was! My contractions were 2-3 minutes and lasting 30-45 seconds the whole ride there. As soon as I got to the Hospital the dr checked my cervix. I was FULLY  dilated with no cervix left. They told me that the boys had to be delivered right away. DH hadn't made it to the hospital
yet because he had to drive seperately (and couldn't follow the ambulance because he had to get gas, and he also got lost
trying to get to the hospital!). I don't remember too much from this point because of the Ambien and the adrenaline and everything going on, my memory is a little cloudy. I do remember starting to cry and asking the dr.'s "you are going to
wait for my husband to get here right?!" LOL Thankfully Kyle got there about 10 minutes after we arrived so he made it in time. As soon as he walked in the nurses gave him his OR clothing and said "it's time, the boys are coming!" so he had to get dressed and ready right away. The dr's did an ultrasound to see how the boys were positioned and both were breach so I had to have an emergency c section. They took me to Operating Room right away. I told Kyle to call his parents, my mom, and my best friend  right away and tell them it's time and get to the hospital right away. While in the OR i do not remember a lot. I was REALLY messed up from the Ambien still and I was really scared. I remember
telling the nurse that I felt like I was in a nightmare and I just wanted to wake up from it. I got a spinal which surprisingly didn't hurt that bad. It took away the contractions so I was VERY happy about that, finally some relief! They
brought Kyle in and I remember seeing him cry. We were both so scared and I had been crying too. I remember my nose being really stuffed up from crying and they wouldn't give me a tissue to blow my nose so i wasn't happy about that lol While they were doing the c section, i did not feel anything at all. No tugging, no pulling, not a thing which I was happy for. The main thing I remember during the surgery was the dr's had to keep telling me to breathe because I would literally forget to breathe. They kept screaming at me "BREATHE! JAIME, BREATHE". Also I was SOOOOOOOO tired from the Ambien I would start
to fall asleep, forget to breathe, and then they would scream and i'd jolt back. When Taylen came out he was not crying. I knew he was out though so I had Kyle go take a picture of him right away because I wanted to see him. He came back and showed me Taylen's picture and although I do not remember much, I clearly remember stating to Kyle "he looks like Tim with Kevin's mouth!" (Tim is my brother, Kevin is Kyle's brother LOL) Tage came out 2 minutes after Taylen and he was crying when he came out. They took the boys out of the room right away and I told Kyle to go be with the boys while the doctors finished with me. I don't remember much after that. I remember going to the recovery and the nurses cleaning me up. Kyle came down there and met me there. Said that his
parents and sister were already there in the waiting room and my brother and my mom were almost there. My mom and tim got there while I was in recovery still. After I was cleaned up, they took me and Kyle together to the NICU to go see the boys (my first time seeing them). It was around 3:30 AM that I first saw our boys. I don't remember much from seeing them the first time. I remember I did not cry at all, i smiled a lot though. We were only in there a few minutes. the nurses wanted to get me to my room though and everyone (family) was there waiting for me. I remember being wheeled down the hall and seeing
everyone peeking out the room door. :)


We found out after the birth that Taylen's placenta and umbilical cord were infected, that's why I went into labor and they were unable to stop the contractions. It was a condition called "chorioamnioitis" (sp?) I was put on antibiotics after the birth along with both boys and we are all okay.

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Re: Tage & Taylen's birth- 30 weeks gestation

  • I've been following your boy's story on the Preemie page. I am so happy for you and your husband that your boys were delivered in a facility that assists for Level III care. My son was a Level III NICU baby and is doing awesome now.

    Congratulations on the birth of your sons! Merry Christmas!

  • I am so glad to hear that you and your boys are well! I am also 30 wks and being told I will deliver any day. You taught me to say no to ambien! so thank you! Can I ask how much your boys weighed when they were born? and how long they stayed in the NICU? Im having twin girls.

    Thank you for sharing your story

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