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Will not tell me when he has to go...HELP

My DS will not tell when he has to go. I have been taking him every 1/2hr to the potty, so we have not had to many accidents. But today, I thought I would wait till he told me he had to go, lots of accidents. Has this happened to any one else and how did you fix it.

Re: Will not tell me when he has to go...HELP

  • well, i never took him to the potty every x number of minutes, but we have had pretty good success just by saying (like a million times a day) "tell mama when you need to go to the potty, ok?"  and then 5 minutes later i say "do you need to go potty now?" and i repeat this over an over.  at first, he would only tell me sometimes and then when he had an accident, i would just remind him that it was really important to tell me when he needs to use the potty. 

    this all worked great for peeing (he would get a sticker and an m&m each time too) but to get him to tell me when he needed to poo, i offered him a present (a little playmobil guy).  i just told him that the first time he told me he needed to use the potty and then pooed, that he would get a present (he didn't know what it was going to be)- it took him a few tries, but i think it was a good motivator.  maybe you could try something like that to get him to start telling you in the first place...

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  • My son is 3 years close to 4 we have been trying to PT for nearly a year (he had some delay in speech so we decided to wait that out). He speaks very well but will not tell others he has to go we basically keep prodding him by taking him to the bathroom and explaining he needs to tell us. He seems to have a good bladder though cuz he sometimes will go 4 hours without going.

    We just keep asking and keep taking him till he goes especially after he has had something to drink. He eventually goes I'm not sure how to fix this but I think just keep doing it till they start saying something. They will have accidents even if they are fully trained. My daughter was very verbal with her PT and once trained but she would play and forget to go so we still had to keep asking her if she had to go for a year after she was trained.

    I think just go with their flow till they get there.

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