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Need Help Desperatly!

Up until last month child care was not an issue, my Mom was going to watch my baby girl full time when I went back to work (this week I had to go back to work)... well 3 weeks ago my parents announced that they found their dream home and would be moving an hour away, so now I am stuck finding childcare LAST MINUTE! Oh my goodness, now I know why most people start this process when they first become pregnant, this is sooo stressfull! Its hard enough coming to terms with leaving my baby girl with someone, but now I feel rushed on top of everything and cannot think clearly about this decision... so I ask the community: I am looking for any recommendations for daycare in the Affton, Webster, Shrewsbury, Crestwood, Brentwood, Maplewood, St,Louis HIlls or St. Louis city in general. I live in Affton but work in the Central West End. My baby is now 3 months old.


Also what are your thoughts on this: Me and my Mom driving half way to meet each other so she can take my daughter for the day... as good as it sounds, it really freaks me out to have the baby in the car for 2 or more hours a day, am I being paranoid? On one hand I just want her close to me here, but on the other hand having her with my mom is invaluable but then she would have to be in the car so much.... ugh any advice is welcome!

Re: Need Help Desperatly!

  • Hi Jen! My name is Kelly and I may have an idea for you. I'm actually a mother of an 11 month old little boy, Owen. My plan was to stay home with him and Owen's dad and I are now going through a divorce, so plans have changed. I desperately want to have him with me everyday, but now am needing to work. I've been looking into the option of nannying and bringing him with me. I've been looking for families with one child to watch. If this idea interests you, please let me know. My email is [email protected].
  • Growing Footprints in S. City is very reasonably priced ($180/week) and is just fine for a center.
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  • You might want to try out the 'meeting your mom half way' plan for a few months and see if all that driving is ok, or if you would want to explore other options.  Maybe she could come to your house once a week or something to save you some driving? I'd love it if my parents lived here so our daughter could be with them, at least while she is still so little!

    I went back to work last Thurs. and our daughter is at Good Shepherd School for Children off Olive/270.  Might be an option if you drive from S. 270 and head to the CWE???

     Good luck!  It is stressful!


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