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I guess I need help

DS will be 3 next month and is still in diapers.  He does not like going potty, although he will sit and pee and gets all happy when he does.  He has only pooped on the potty once.  He tells us occasionally when he has to pee, never when he has to poop.  We have a reward for pooping, but he doesn't seem to care.  Anyone been in this situation?  I'm tired of seeing all the ones out there under 2.5 who are completely potty trained.  I'm beginning to feel like a failure. 

Re: I guess I need help

  • Don't feel like a failure. DD was a month shy of 3 when she was potty trained. In my real life (non-bump) experience that is more the norm than being potty trained before 2.5.

    We ended up purchasing the 3-day potty training eBook for her, and it worked wonderfully. I wouldn't say she was 100% potty trained in 3 days (well she was at night after the first night) but she was probably 95% there.

    Good luck!

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