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Trying Reward Chart for Pooping

So I am just so over cleaning poop out of panties x 2. I have tried everything I can think of to get them to poop on the potty without any successes. They are not afraid to poop on the potty, so it is nothing like that, they just go in their panties instead of telling me they need to poop or going on the potty themselves to poop (which they do with pee, I don't have to prompt them to pee on the potties). So I am going to try a reward chart and see if maybe this works. It is the last thing that I have heard of that may work. I have resisted up until this point because they really are not into stickers, usually just sticking them in their mouths instead of on paper or their shirts or something. But last week their speech therapist let them pick out a sticker at the end of session and they seemed very pleased with this and didn't stick them in their mouths. So we are going to try and see how it goes. I am not too confident that this is going to help, I am just not sure they understand the concept of a sticker reward chart. But nothing else has worked, so why not?

Anyone have great success with pooping on potty and how you got your LO's to do it.


Re: Trying Reward Chart for Pooping

  • it just took my son longer to realize that he had to poop and to figure out how to make it happen on the potty.  how long have you been trying?  we are three weeks in and he poops in the potty about 7 out of 8 times right now.  it took us two weeks though before he wasn't having at least one poop accident a day.  i think that since he pees so many more times a day he just got more practice into figuring that out first. 

    we use a sticker chart for everything pt though.  a little sticker for peeing and a big sticker for poops.  he also gets one m&m for pee and three for poop.  also, i told him from the beginning that i had a special present (a little playmobil guy) that he would get the first time he made it to poop on the potty.  

    i definitely can understand not loving the cleaning out undies x 2 though.  even with one i was about ready to quit after the first two days.  

    good luck!

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  • Going on 3 months now with pooping in panties They have been 100% pee trained since about 2 weeks of starting training. They pooped a couple of times in the beginning of potty training, but it was by accident, they were already peeing and just started pooping. I made a really big deal out of it and they seemed really excited about it. Then about a week later, the pooping in the panties thing started and they have been doing it ever since.

    All the advice I ever get is well just put them in a diaper/pull ups when they have to poop. Problem is they don't tell me when they need to poop or ask for a diaper/pull up. They just come to tell me they have gone in their panties and want cleaned up. Since we have started training 4 months ago their pooping has been so erractic. When in diapers they went the same time every single day, I could set my watch to it. Now they just go randomly so I don't even know a time of day to watch for it. I will spend an entire day hanging right next to them so I can catch them and get them on the potty, but of course the minute I take my eyes off them is when they go. Like I have to open the back door to let the dog out and they choose that moment to go in their pants. So frustrating. It is not a fear thing for them and it is not a definance thing because they don't say I am going in my pants if you don't give me what I want. They just don't seem to care to go on the potty and prefer their panties.

    I refuse to put them in pull ups or diapers again full time. They are able to dress themselves fully including pulling their pants and panties up and down completely independently. When I have put them in a pull up during the day, they will go to their rooms, take off their pants, take off the pull up, get into their panty drawer and get out a pair of panties and then put them on and poop in them. If they can do that they can be potty trained.

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