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Hello and Charlotte Road Trip

Hi Ladies! 

 I've been reading all your posts for a while and wanted to say hello!  I'm Crystal from Raleigh and I am 19 weeks along. 

 We just found out that we are Team Blue and the hubby and I have decided to take a little road trip to the Charlotte area to do some baby furniture shopping.  We are starting in Gaffney, SC to hit the Pottery Barn outlet and then heading back to Charlotte to spend the night and hit IKEA.  Are there any baby or baby furniture stores that we must visit while we are there?  I'm not that familiar with the Charlotte area so any tips on good shopping would be great!  Thanks so much!! 

Re: Hello and Charlotte Road Trip

  • I don't have any info on the stores but welcome to the board and congratulations!

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  • Welcome!

    I'm not familiar with that area, as far as stores go, but Ikea is awesome. If I had it to do over, I would have gotten all of DD's nursery furniture there. I love their kids' section!

    Good luck!

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  • I would try Ikea, are you just going to Charlotte for fun and throwing in nursery shopping for the heck of it? There are a ton of local Raleigh stores in Raleigh like Tots to Teens, Oh Baby at North Hills, Smart Mama, even BRU and BBB have a good selection.



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  • We are mainly going for IKEA and the Pottery Barn Outlet, but I didn't know if there were any other places in Charlotte we shouldn't miss.  I didn't think about Hickory or High Point for furniture, but that makes sense they are the places to go for furniture in NC.  Are there are places that specialize in baby furniture in High Point or Hickory that anyone is aware of?  Thanks for all the advice!!!
  • We got our furniture at USA Baby on South Blvd. in Charlotte. We got a great deal on a floor sample, but I felt like their selection was generally really good. 


    Happy shopping! 

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  • All of my friends have done their nurseries at Shower me with Love...we're still trying to get pregnant!  They just moved & their new store is HUGE!  I heard that USA Baby has a rough return policy.
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