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St. Anthony's Hospital??

Has anyone delivered at St. Anthony's and if yes how was your experiance??

Re: St. Anthony's Hospital??

  • I have and it was a great experience for me!  I had the best nurse in the delivery room. She was a great coach and always there when i needed her. She helped save me from a c-section by having me try different positions. The nurse anesthesiologist was amazing! Took great care of my pain and was very fast at making decisions when it didn't work correctly the first time. They were very friendly and took awesome care of me and my child!  The post partum side could use a little re-vamping but they are supposed to be remodeling soon. The nurses were a tad overloaded so it took a bit to get what you needed sometimes but they always came running when you had something you needed help with fast like pain meds. Also the lactation consultant was very very helpful and spent a ton of time with me answering questions and helping me learn.  She even called me at home a few weeks later.  All in all i loved the hospital and would go there again!
  • I delivered there, and I plan to again for this one as well.  Had a great experience.  Some of the rooms were rather small, which made it hard for DH to get comfortable... and when there is the baby in the room and a couple guests it isn't very comfortable either - but I think every other room is small/big so it just depends on the luck of the draw. 
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