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The Best OBGYN

By far David Super is the best OBGYN in Saint Louis. His practice is just off  of 270 south. Exit #3. I drive thirty minutes to see him and I'm so upset that I will have to find a new dr. soon. (The navy is moving my family) I really urge everyone to look into his practice. They are always so friendly and he is really great. I had my first pap smear exam with him and it wasn't awkward like I expected. I was thinking this is some dude I barely know down in my space! But he made it fast and simple. He's very professional and while he is friendly when he is doing an exam he remains relaxed and simpley explains what he is checking for and when it will be cold and why. Even for a mammary exam he manages to keep patients feeling comfortable and gets his job done and leaves to let you get dressed before he starts chatting you up for questions. He always seems to know just what I'm thinking and if its hard for me to say he'll ask so I can just say.."yea." :) Also he doesnt just stick you on a medication. When I started BC he let me decide which of a couple choices that would work for me I liked. If I wanted something he didnt think would be good he let me know why it would work out. Even my prenatals he gave me a ton of samples and said let me know what works for you.  I love this doctor. He is absolutely amazing.

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  • I completely agree! I've been going to him for 4 years now and he is great! In fact, the whole practice is. 
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