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~*~ IUI Check In ~*~

Welcome to the IUI check in for us ladies that are either currently in an IUI cycle or going to start one in the near future.  Newbie?s are always welcome to this group, just let me know you would like to join, post an update below, and I will add you to the list for next week. 

I hope everyone is doing well.  Post your updates below.  I will check these throughout the week so feel free to update.  If you don?t update, it?s hard to track you down.


Awaiting IUI:

FabulousMrs.P: IUI#2

Maereth: IUI#3

Kelfeen: IUI#4 01.01 & 01.02



JessicaC128: IUI#3

Skillmama: IUI#1

In 2ww:  (Come on BFPs!)

Icedcoffeeluv:  d-IUI#9 12.29

DivaNerd: IUI#3 12.21

Lisa07: IUI#1 12.28

Eaconstantineslp: IUI#2 12.26

99luftballoons: IUI#2 01.04.11

Awaiting Future IUI:

MeganRealEstate: IUI#5 in February; Cysts found at baseline so break Nov/Dec/Jan

JnJ62406: IUI#3?Keep us posted!

**Papps**: Break before IUI#4 due to cyst

Chizzle09: Break cycle before IUI#5

damabo80: Break until possibly January?Keep us posted!

Firewife9278: IUI#1 in February!

Mrsgcal: Forced break before d-IUI#7 until February 2011

Mrs*Rich: Break before IUI#6 in February 2011

Halo_Tx: Forced break before IUI#3 due to cyst

DeputiesWife: Break Cycle in November before IUI #4 in January

Has anyone heard from these ladies?

NurseDFW: IUI#3 12.18

Nycbride0707: IUI#2

Meg_Koole: IUI#3 12.11

Brandywine2010: IUI#3

Datagirl79: IUI#1

Angela2004: IUI#2

Trish212: IUI#2

Skybee: dIUI#8

Carlatron: IUI#1

Moved On:

Becca050110: Moving onto IVF?.GL!

 IUI Success! BFP club:

Tryingforbaby1: IUI#2. Congrats!

ALY1981:  BFP! (13 weeks along,from IUI #1?)

Dodgey: BFP! (12 weeks along, from IUI#2?)

huddlstn: BFP!

Juliebee80: BFP! (12 weeks along, from IUI#2)

Kdodge: BFP!

LTF525: BFP! (Due 02.07.11)

Nej2000:  IUI #3, BFP on 7.9 !!!

OscarQ-  IUI #2, BFP on 7.7!!!

PinkHope:  IUI#1 BFP 7.27!

Psychgalbride: BFP!

Susan&Courtney: BFP! (Due 01.18.11, from IUI#2)

SweetieD21: BFP! (from IUI #2)

SallyAnneS: BFP! IUI #2

Bhilyer: BFP! IUI#2

HalfnHalf: BFP! IUI#5

Mlmtgg:  BFP?Unmedicated Cycle!

Hall_ky: BFP! IUI#2

Itsmevkb: BFP!! IUI#2

Legaleagles:  BFP!!IUI #2

Whispergrrl: BFP! IUI#1

Jsefzik: BFP! IUI#1

2HopefulMoms: BFP! IUI#2


QOTW: Other than IF related goals, do you have anything you would like to accomplish in 2011?

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Re: ~*~ IUI Check In ~*~

  • Happy New Year Ladies!!

    Again (this is my weekly apology) sorry for slacking with this! Same excuses as always but this past week this website takes FOREVER to load for me and I just couldn't spend the time waiting for it. If anyone thinks they could be better about regularly posting this on Fridays than  definitely speak up. If not I will continue to try my best to get it posted on Fridays!

    Update: I went in for my beta this morning. Last week they tested my progesterone and put me on supps so where as usually I would end up with AF before beta I have absolutely no clue this time because the supps will keep her away. :( On top of that I made my way through the snow this morning to get my bloodwork done and because of the snow the courier cannot pick up there today to bring it to the lab so I will have to wait until tomorrow for results. So I probably won't find out until late afternoon. So stressful.

    QOTW: I really have been keepin focused on working out and losing weight. I figure that if I'm not pregnant at least I can keep focused on something I have control over and makes me feel good.


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  • Hi All,

    I am new to this board, regular on TTC>35 and the Nor Cal board. I am in 2ww for IUI#3 but not too sure it will work due to follies not growing that large. Best wishes to all and lots of baby dust to you!



    bfp 1/13/2010 miscarriage 1/26/2010

    BFP 5/4/2010 missed miscarriage d&c 6/9/2010

    IUI#1 10/11/2010 BFN

    IUI#2 12/6/2010 BFN

    IUI#3 1/10/11 BFN

    Break for a month and then aggressive IUI

    2/22/2011 beginning of IUI 4

    iui 4 cancelled 2/28 due to ovulation on my own (so we actually had to have sex!)now lets wait and see on 3/14, wish me luck!! 3/13 BFN

    waiting for bloodwork results and such and have cysts March 2011

    FSH high at 10.9 and low AMH is result of bloodwork

    IUI 4 (again) 4/27/11, please work! 5/13/2011 BFN!!!

    IVF cycle in July 2011 turned into IUI on 7/19- wish us luck

    8/1 HPT negative- trying to figure out what is next if anything

    10/18/11 on to IVF attempt 1.5 see if we can get to ER

    2/2012 on to IVF attempt 2? so far progressing well

    2/25/12 ER and 11retreived, 2embryos, they did not grow, my eggs are no good, finally closure on this chapter

    Transferred one 1 via IVF on 10/21 and BFP on 10/30

    miscarriage at 6weeks Nov 19 2012
  • I am 11dpiui and I tested yesterday 2x and this morning all BFN... I know, I know, it is still early....

    QOTW:  Nothing.  That is my one and only goal this year.  I would like to get a BFP and know that I dont have to drop some major $$ on IVF and then maybe i would take a vacation or do some home updates....  But until then I just keep my future open.

    TTC#2: septum removed, 2 losses, Stage 2 Endo, thin lining, slight MFI
    iui #5 2/7 + 2/8 = BFP!! 11 dpiui
    Beta #1 2/18 11dpiui= 46, Beta #2 13dpiui 150, Beta #3 16dpiui 584!!
    u/s revealed triplets! Baby B 3rd loss 8w2d. Twins! EDD 10/31/11 * c/s scheduled 10/12/11 My NEW BLOG Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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  • Could I join?  Today is CD2 for me, tomorrow morning I go in for baseline u/s & bw.  We are going to be doing our first Femara cycle this time, but it will be our third IUI TTC#2.

     QOTW:  I have been working out regularly.  I hope to lose some weight, but even if I don't lose a bunch of weight I just want to be healthier in general.


    DD: Grace (8/19/2007)
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    DD: Harper (11/27/2011) Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • IUI #3 12/27, BFP HPT 11DPIUI, Beta #1 25, Waiting on beta results today :)
    image, image
    My little gummy bear
    10/09-started our journey 3/14/10- Dx anovulatory 12/29 IUI #3 BFP beta 1-25, 2-60, 3-2064. u/s 1 beautiful baby :) 9/22 Baby girl born 6 lb 14 oz perfect !!!!
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  • IUI#1 didn't work. Currently awaiting IUI#2, its likely it will take place on 1/22.
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  • Do you mind if I join? I am usually on the IVF Group as we skipped IUI's initially and went straight to IVF due to MFI. However we are taking a step back now and trying to save money - and we are going to give some IUI's a shot! 

    Doing our first IUI this cycle. Did Clomid 50 mg on CD's 3-7.It's CD 10 today...1st follie check on Friday. I feel like I have lots to learn about the process and hope you ladies are willing to help guide me!


    TTC #1 since 6/08, MFI dx'd 3/09 Varicocelectomy 6/09, Hydrocelectomy 10/09 IVF with ICSI in Jan/Feb 2010 ER 2/7, ET 2/12 - transferred 2 blasts 5 snowbabies Beta #1 = 22 #2 = 19. Chemical Pregnancy :( FET May 2010 ET 5/30 - transferred 3 embies = BFN Fall/10 Went Gluten free + New RE and Clinic IUI #1 + Clomid 50 mg (1 follie) on 1/18 IUI #2 + Clomid 100 mg (1 follie) on 2/15 IUI# 3 + Femara 7.5 mg (1 follie) on 3/14 = BFP!!!! Beta #1 = 172 (15dpiui) Beta #2 =683!!! Ultrasound at 7 wks: 1 perfect beating heart. Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Iced- I think you're doing great.  My guess is that we're all cool with whenever you get around to posting :) 

    Not much an update, 8dpiui on unmedicated IUI#2.  Went in for my progesterone check yesterday, lining looks good.  I did find out that I was reading MH's post wash numbers wrong, so the count was actually over 10 million motile sperm, which I was really thrilled about!  It wasn't as good as the first time, but much better than I thought it was the day of the IUI.  Not feeling as excited as the first time around, but I guess that's normal.  Good luck to my fellow 2wwers!

     QOTW:  I'd like to buy a house by the end of the year, we'll see what happens...


    TTC since 10/09 Dx: MFI

    IUI 1&2 (unmedicated)= BFN
    IUI 3 (100mg Clomid + Ovidrel) = BFP 2/14/11 missed m/c 3/18/11

    IUI 4 (100mg Clomid + Ovidrel) = BFP!!

  • I'm kind of in limbo, would it be ok if I re-joined for the time being?

    Update:  Dh and I had moved onto a IVF cycle starting back in late Nov, but during follie check #6 on Monday (yes, IVF cycle can be a long process), 3 of my 15 follies had minds of their own and quadrupled in size, which was very unexpected and not planned for...so I was given choices that needed to be decided that day, so I decided to convert IVF # 1 to LUCKY # 7 IUI.  I am 1dpiui today.  Beta is 1/25.

    QOTW: I would like to re-focus on my physical, mental and spiritual self.

    TTC #1 Since 11/08 - Dx: MFI & PCOS
    7 IUIs = All BFNs
    2011: March IVF #1.2 = e/p @ 6w: May IVF #2 = BFN: July sFET #1 = BFN

    2012: Jan We're Certified FC/A Parents
    May IVF #3 = c/p
    June-Nov Foster Mommy to M (Toddler)
    July FET #2 = BFN
    Aug FET #3 = BFN
    Sept-Nov Foster Mommy to Baby Bella (Newborn)
    Nov HSG/Sono = Clear!
    Dec FET #4 = BFN

    2013: Feb FET #5 = m/c @ 6.5w
    May-July Foster Mom to H (8 yr old girl)
    June/July/Aug IVF #4 = Freeze All
    July = Unofficially Adopting T (10 yr old boy)
    Sept FET #6 = TBD
    **PAIF/SAIF Welcome**
  • Update:  yesterday was DIUI #2.  I'm not feeling so confident since I managed to O before the IUI.  Plus I only had one follie.  So, we'll wait our two weeks, but not so hopeful.  I'm going to call my RE and ask about moving on to injects for the next cycle. 

    QOTW:  I'd like to learn to cook more things.  I'm slowly growing my repertoire of dishes.

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  • can I join this group?

    update: I just had IUI #1 and it was BFN. Now I'm waiting IUI #2 with injects. waiting on AF now since I was on progestrone supps.

    Me: PCOS DH: slight MFI (morphology 3%)
    IUI #1=BFN 100 mg of clomid= no response so doc prescribed 150 mg of Clomid. Resulted in 1 follie at 22. Trigger on 12/23 IUI on 12/24 (count 14 million post-wash motility grading 3-4).
    January 2011 on hold due to cyst
    IUI #2 5.0 MG Femara plus 75 iu of Gonal-F no growth so up to 112.5 iu for Gonal-F and then 150 iu. Resuled in 1 mature follie at 19. Trigger on 2/18 IUI on 2/19 (count 13 million post-wash motility grading 3-4) and 2/20 (count 10 million post-wash motility grading 3-4) BFP! Lost our son Joshua at 21 weeks 5 days.
  • image 99luftballoons:

    Iced- I think you're doing great.  My guess is that we're all cool with whenever you get around to posting :) 

    Aww. Thanks! I appreciate it. I feel so bad if I post late!

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  • image kelfeen:

    I am 11dpiui and I tested yesterday 2x and this morning all BFN... I know, I know, it is still early....

    QOTW:  Nothing.  That is my one and only goal this year.  I would like to get a BFP and know that I dont have to drop some major $$ on IVF and then maybe i would take a vacation or do some home updates....  But until then I just keep my future open.

     I am so sorry about you BFN, but you are right, hang in there, it is still early!

    DD: Grace (8/19/2007)
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    DD: Harper (11/27/2011) Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • image zdinakwardwedding:
    IUI #3 12/27, BFP HPT 11DPIUI, Beta #1 25, Waiting on beta results today :)


    DD: Grace (8/19/2007)
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    DD: Harper (11/27/2011) Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • New to this board but would like to be added to this check in. I'm feeling discouraged when I see the number of people who have failed IUI's and have moved onto IVF because I don't think it is financially possible for us to do IVF.

    I had IUI #1 on Saturday. I am going to TRY not to test until my beta on the 22nd. I usually spot a few days before getting my period so I feel like if it is bad news, I'll know I'm not pregnant long before I go for the beta. Still trying to think POSITIVE and hope for the best.

  • Me, newbie, IUI #1 on 01/10/11, 2ww. Don't have confidence that this will work, but have to do this twice (ins reasons) to move onto IVF.

    My goal is to pay off our credit card debt. This way if I do stop working (if I ever get PG) and decide not to go back, then it won't hurt us too much financially.  


  • I get to start my CLomid tonight.  Hopefully I react as nicely as I did last cycle. 

    QOTW:  I want to sort out our debt and savings.   We were all set prior to TTC, but life and DH being laid off for a bit messed everything up again.  I want to pay off our CC and beef up our savings.

    TTC since Jan. 2010 DX Unexplained infertility
    3 IUI's w/Clomid & Ovidrel=all BFNs
    3 IVF (2 Fresh, 1 frozen) =BFN
    Jan 2012 New RE & Fresh Cycle =BFP!
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    TTC #2 October 2014
    Meet with RE March 2015
    2 Frozen & 1 Fresh IVF= BFNs
    September 2015 Frozen ET=BFP!

    BabyFruit Ticker

  • I had my lap/hyst on 12/30 and have my post-op appt. this Friday. We'll find out then if I'm going on Lupron or if I'll be cycling early February.

    QOTW: Other than IF related goals, do you have anything you would like to accomplish in 2011?

    I need to lose the weight I gained in 2010 and stop accusing my husband of putting my jeans in the dryer;)

    TTC 12/2009
    Me: 32 - Stage II Endo / DH: 36 - Low count and morphology (1%)
    IUIs 1-3 BFN, lap Dec. 2010, IUIs 4-6 BFN
    IVF w/ICSI #1 - ER 2/8: 24R 19M 9F ET 2/13 2-5 day blasts (no frosties) = BFP - b/g twins!
    E & C Born 10/19/2012
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  • Hello, I'm new to the group! I just had a very unexpected IUI on Sunday. Basically what happened is I went to another RE for a consultation on Thursday, 1/6. He examined me and said I was getting ready to ovulate and let's give an IUI a shot! I was thinking I'd have to go straight to IVF. I had my trigger shot a couple hours later. My husband has sertoli cell syndrome and we have to use donor sperm, so Thursday night we searched for, picked, and ordered the DS and shipped it overnight for Saturday delivery. On Saturday I went in for the IUI and the egg had not yet released so they told me to come back in on Sunday, and so now we're in the 2ww. Crazy. I don't have incredibly high hopes for this cycle but you never know!

    QOTW: We are working on paying down debt (lots of student loan debt). We were pretty hardcore about it last year then found out about our fertility issues. We stopped what we were doing and started putting all the extra cash towards an IF savings account. With the new year we decided that we could still go through this IF nightmare and still accomplish our goal of being debt free, although it may take a little longer than expected. But we're working on it!


    SAIF Always Welcome
    TTC #1 since Fall 2008
    High FSH, Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome
    Unsuccessful with my OE, moving to DE + DS
    DE + DS IVF #1: Dec 2012 - BFP, nothing at first u/s 
    DE + DS IVF #2: 3/14/13 - c/p
    DE + DS IVF #3: 7/12/13 - BFP! Finally! No heartbeat at 7w1d.
    DE + DS IVF #4: 5/16/14 - BFN
    DE + DS IVF #5: 9/3/14 - BFP at 5.5dp5dt, Beta 1 @ 9dp5dt: 438; hb of 133 at 6w5d, no hb at 7w1d
    DE + DS IVF #6: 3/3/15 - BFN on HPTs through 7dp5dt, Beta 1 @ 8dp5dt: 19, Beta 2 @ 10dp5dt: 76, nothing at u/s

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky 
  • IUI #3 was canceled and we're moving on to IVF


    Other than IF related goals, do you have anything you would like to accomplish in 2011?

    Probably but I can't think of them today.  These past few weeks have been consumed with work and IF. 


    TTC #1 Off of HBC December 09 Dx PCOS, no ovulation, HSG + SIS normal 9/4: 100 mg clomid + ovidrel trigger: BFN 10/15: Gonal-f (75 IU, 112.5 IU, 150 IU) + ovidrel trigger + IUI: BFN 11/15: Gonal-f (112.5 IU) + ovidrel trigger + IUI: BFN 12/17: Gonal-f (112.5 IU, 150 IU): cycle canceled due to no response IVF #1: 1/18 start BCP, 2/1 start Lupron, 2/10 start stimming, 2/20 ER, 2/15 ET, 3/6 beta 1: 216, 3/8 beta 2: 420 *saifw*

  • Update: I had my lap on Monday, with a 10cm ovarian cyst removed. No endo, though, which is good! Given the surgery, my RE is having me take the next cylcle off as well before IUI #3.

    QOTD: I will be finishing my master's in 2011 after working on it for a while! I would also like to start exercising more regularly this year.

    After 2 1/2 years TTC, 3 IUI's, endo, and a lap, a surprise BFP brought us Alexandra Marie!
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  • Hi there. I must have missed last week's post. I looked for it, but I must not have gone back far enough.


     We're just waiting to see if we can cycle this month. AF is due Jan 18th. If the results of our blood work is in by then, we'll move ahead. If not, we're waiting till February.


    QOTW: I'd like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both with eating and working out. I'd also like to finish paying off my debt, and I'm so close. Hopefully, I won't be sinking it all back into IF.


    Big hugs for all you ladies!

    I've probably been on The Bump longer than you have.

    After 31 cycles, baby boy K (IUI) born 11/03/11

    BFP (Femara) - 08/09/13 m/c around 6 weeks. xoxox Baby April

    Rainbow baby girl E (Femara) born 11/16/16
  • b/b IUI #1 was Jan 6th and 7th.  3 follies and good turnout from my hubby.  In my first 2ww and trying to be emotionally neutral.  Can't help but to notice every little twing and gurgle of my stomach.   Test on the 21st.  So many people know of my situation because of work and travel plans for the procedure (live in Louisiana, procedure in California).  Dreading having to face the masses if it's a BFN!

  • Update: 3rd IUI- BFN....we are taking a break until March 2011...a little sad... my mom is undergoing surgery in another state...life is so crazy right now....would be hard to keep up IF related appts.

    Other than IF related goals, do you have anything you would like to accomplish in 2011?

    Besides a BFP?? What else is there?

    CAREER: graduating with my Master's in May, new job less travel more $$

    FINANCIAL: Purchase a TH

    TRAVEL: European Trip in Spring, Family Wedding in Jamaica in Summer, Martha's Vineyard for our anniversary

    Attend 2 additional charity events and monthly cultural events...


    The key to life is to enjoy the journey IUI#1 & #3=BFN (2010) IUI #2=c/p (2010) IUI#4-BFP,but ruled ectopic(2011) IUI#5: Feb 2012 (clomid, bravelle & ovidrel)
  • I have been on a break from TTC for a few months now (well aggressively anyhow). Had some issues with aunt flo and found out I have a fibroid and cervical polyp. Was told that it is not affecting the fertility. SO, we're gonna try again in February! My OB's office now does IUI's in their office, which is wonderful because I wasn't too crazy about the specialists office I was going to before. 2011 is the year for us to get prego ladies! :)
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