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Is it considered rude....

to want to switch to another doctor who is in the same office as the one I currently see??

The Doctor I'm seeing right now is nice and all and has been doing this for over 20 yrs, but I dont care for his "bed side manner" much and he never tells me anything unless I specifically ask. What happens if I dont know the right questions to ask?? I'm a first time mom who's 21 wks along! When I do ask him something, he's very quiet and never looks me in the eye, always at the chart. I've heard the same thing from other patients who see him too...It's just his quiet natured personallity I suppose.

But, I've heard nothing but wonderful things about one of his associates and would really like to make an appointment to see him, but dont want to be disrespectful to my current doctor....

Any thoughts??

Re: Is it considered rude....

  • i dont see where it would hurt to ask if the other dr is accepting to see the others patients. i would talk with the receptionist and see. but also remember that ive heard that sometimes your personal dr may not be the one who delivers you, just in case he/she may not be on call that night. but every office is different. i think you should feel comfortable with your dr and if youre not, then change. its YOUR pregnancy...and if his bedside manner sucks...then i kinda dont think he'll care that you switched.
    Jamie Grisaffi
  • Great point He probably wouldnt care! Surprise

     I was planning on talking to him in the coming weeks to ask if/when I would be able to meet the other associates in the office (there are four OB's in the office), so that in the off chance my doc wouldnt be available, then at least I would have met the others prior to delivery.

    I guess I was just worried I would offend someone, which I don't want to do, but it is my pregnancy and I know I need to feel a 100% comfortable.

    Thanks for your input! :)

  • I am 100% for switching if you are not comfortable with your current doctor.  I switched at 22 weeks with my first pregnancy and am extremely happy I did so.
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