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Pattie A. Clay Experiences

I'm interested in personal experiences at Pattie A. Clay in Richmond.  I'm considering having my baby there and have not heard much about the baby program.  I've looked at the website, just wanting to know what it is like for parents who have been there recently.

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  • sorry, in louisville here i lived in lex before but no experience with richmond. Good luck!
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  • Hi, from the Richmond area here.  I actually had DD at Central Baptist.  But a good friend of mine used Pattie A Clay & I haven't heard any bad things from her about it (I met her after her son was born, so I don't know much about it either).  I hate driving up to Lexington for my appointments and everything, but they did so great during our first pregnancy, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
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  • My brother's daughter was born there and he & the baby's mother had great things to say about P.A.C. Also, I have a friend who just had her baby boy there in October by C-section and she seemed very pleased with it there also. I've heard good & bad things about P.A.C, but as far as the maternity ward goes, I've mainly only heard good things! Hope this helps.
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