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swing for small spaces??

is there a good swing that doesn't take up a lot of space, or maybe folds and can be stored, etc? not sure such a thing exists? TIA!!  
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Re: swing for small spaces??

  • We had a big huge one for our first child, and she hated it. However, a neighbor lent us something for when the twins arrived. It's called "The Take-Along Swing". I can't remember the brand, but I am sure you could find it on Amazon or BRU. It's small, but the babies love it. It plays music, has lights and several different speeds. I can also carry it in one harm while I hold a baby in the other, and move it easily from room to room.
  • Graco makes a swing frame that you can snap the carseat into, so it's one less thing to have around - the frame folds.

    We are getting the Graco swing and bounce - it's a bouncy seat that snaps into the swing frame, so you get both options with one piece.  A definate space saver if LO likes both!

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  • We have a mamaroo by 4moms which has a small footprint. It can't be folded and stored, however.
  • When I was PG with DD#1 we lived in a 900 Sq Ft. apartment.  The smallest full size swing I could find was the Graco Silhouette.  I have no complaints about this swing.

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