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Kaiser West LA OB/Gyn?

Does anyone have Kaiser and go to the West Los Angeles Offices? I am looking for an OB any recommendations would be appreciated.. It is really important for me to have great Dr.


Re: Kaiser West LA OB/Gyn?

  • I've had clients love the midwives there, and I liked Dr. Kaplan--he's kind of rough around the edges, but he bragged to me about all the crazy positions that he had caught babies.  Any OB who boasts about lack of interventions is good in my book. 



  • Hi,

    I delivered at Kaiser West LA and my OB was Dr. Martinez and she's great.

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  • my ob is Dr.Myers and she is the best! She was the only doctor i saw for mu prenatal visits that actually acknowledged my husband the other one didnt even speak to him. She even delivered my daughter.  I think she may be on maternity leave she recently had twin boys. If you can get an appt with her I would highly recommend it.
  • My doctor works out of the West LA hospital but her office is in the Playa Vista Medical office out in Culver City.  She is Dr. Williams-Cotton and is very calming, nice and knowledgeable.  She also takes time to make sure she answers all of your questions/concerns before you leave her office.  I'm fortunate enough to see her every visit.
  • My doctor was Dr. Crecelius - she was awesome and would highly recommend her.
  • I had Dr. Myers.  She was lovely and took great care and spent lots of time answering my millions of  questions.  
  • I'm with Dr. Martinez and she has been absolutely incredible! She takes time to answer all of my questions and she actually listens.  I love her and HIGHLY recommend her!
  • Hi there,

    I currently go to Kaiser in WLA, I'm 18 weeks and absolutely LOVE my OB. Her name is Felicia Adiele she is a CNM and is absolutely wonderful. She takes the time to answer my questions or concerns, she's very knowledgeable, and acknowledges DH and answers any questions he may have. She takes her time with the U/S and makes you feel like you're not just another patient. I LOVE her!

    On the other hand, I was really upset on my last appointment: My regular Dr was going to be out so they scheduled me with Raveen Kaur MD. She was HORRIBLE. She didn't check the baby's heart beat, she gave me incorrect prints (name on U/S prints wasn't mine, she didn't measure the baby to make sure it's growing appropriately, and i felt like i was rushed in and out the office. Horrible experience with her, definitely do not recommend.

    Felicia Adiele is absolutely wonderful. She's been taking care of me since 5 weeks and I have no complaints. Best of luck to you on your search, and congrats on the pregnancy!

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