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Fibromyalgia Mommy

I am new to this board and I'm trying to connect with other women who have Fibromyalgia (or Interstitial Cystitus of the Bladder, or Endometriosis or all 3!) and are mommies. I have a 13 month old miracle daughter named Marley. I'm just wondering if there are any local resources for women with Fibro, or support groups for women & Fibro. My doctor is wonderful but we were unable to find support groups, especially for women around my age (29...going on 30). Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated! I am having difficulty managing the pain, being a mommy, and being a full-time 2nd grade teacher! Oh...and trying to do it with out being too exhausted! Did I mention I have 2 dogs as well? Thank goodness for my extremely supportive husband who works about 60 hours a week and still manages to find time to take care of our house, daughter, dogs, and me! I am in need of a support group or info. for others with the same conditions. Thanks!

Re: Fibromyalgia Mommy

  • Hi there!  I also have fibromyalgia and am currently pregnant with my first child.  I don't know of any support groups, however, I have some things that work for me if you are interested.


    Christina :)

  • Hi, I'm not sure if you'll see my response since it's months after your original posting but I thought I'd reply anyway.  I'm a mom to a 4yr old and pregnant with #2.  My fibromyalgia was diagnosed after the birth of my son (I was 28yrs old).  I'm happy to chat more anytime ([email protected]).


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