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Pushing was the easiest part..

Sunday 11/7 I started having timeable, painful contractions...but they went from 10 min apart to 4 min apart within an hour and a half. I tried laboring at home, in the tub, birthing ball, etc as long as I could, but 4min came fast and we left for the hospital at 1am. Got to the hospital, by then contrax are 2-3min apart and I am dying. I have never felt anything so painful ever...I felt like I was losing my mind and breathing and focusing was not working for me.

So I started at 2.5cm dilated once they hooked me up, and they didn't want to give me the epi until I was 3...so I struggled through the contrax for 3 more hours when they checked me again and I was 3.5. They had trouble finding a vein for my IV, it took 4 different people with 5 tries, but they finally got it. I had several episodes of throwing up from the pain, I couldn't take it...and finally comes in the anethesiologist, my new best friend. It was REALLY hard staying still during contractions for the epi...but it was WORTH IT. The epi was such a strange feeling, and it dropped my blood pressure down to 60/30...so they pumped something in me fast to fix that and then all was well. They had to keep flipping me to keep it up, which was impossible with the epi, poor nurses had to keep moving my big butt for me :) I didn't like not being able to move myself, but I can't imagine how much worse the rest of labor would have been without it. Then the Dr. came in and broke my water...within 2 hours I was 9.5...it happened very fast...and within minutes it was time to push. I pushed for 30 minutes and that was the easiest part...didn't feel it and luckily I was still a good pusher even with the epi on full blast!

Baby girl arrived 11/8 at 11:08am, weighing 7lbs, 5oz and 20.5in long. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of relief I felt once she was out. All that anxiety that I let take over for weeks was instantly gone. Combine that with seeing her for the first time, and it was an amazing moment. I do have a 2nd degree tear that wass very painful, but other than that, recovery wasn't too bad.

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