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LO's firsts (poll)

How old was your LO when they first:

Rolled over:

Sat up unassisted:


Started solids:

Got their first tooth:

Pulled up to standing:

Took their first steps:

Said their first word:

Re: LO's firsts (poll)

  • I'm going to answer this for Rowen since Phoebe hasn't done most of it yet.

    How old was your LO when they first:

    Rolled over:  3 months

    Sat up unassisted: 4  months

    Crawled:  7 months (it probably would have been sooner if I ever put the kid down)

    Started solids: 4 months

    Got their first tooth: 5 1/2 months

    Pulled up to standing:  I'm not completely sure about this one. But he did it for awhile before he started walking.  He could stand alone at 9 1/2 months though.

    Took their first steps:  He walked at 11 months

    Said their first word:  10 months


    ETA: checked the baby book and fixed a couple dates

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  • Rolled over: Belly to back: 3 months, Back to belly: 4 months 

    Sat up unassisted: 4 1/2 months

    Started solids: We have started teeny tiny bits of rice cereal (5 1/2 months)

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  • How old was your LO when they first:

    Rolled over: 11 weeks  - Edit - I just checked and it was actually 9 weeks.

    Sat up unassisted: 5 months

    Crawled: 5 1/2 months

    Started solids: 6 months

    Got their first tooth: 9 months

    Pulled up to standing: 8 months

    Took their first steps: Walking at 10 months, first steps a little before

    Said their first word: Other then Dadadada at 6 months I think Mama came at 8 months

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  • How old was your LO when they first:

    Rolled over: tummy to back: 10 weeks, but still doesn't do it consistently. Doesn't roll back to belly yet.

    Sat up unassisted: 5.5 months, still tips over tho

    Started solids: 6 months

    Said their first word: she said Hi at 5 days. :-D

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  • Rolled over: 4 months

    Sat up unassisted: not quite 5 months

    Crawled: the worm crawl at 6.5 months, switched to belly up at 8 mos

    Started solids: 6 mos

    Got their first tooth: still hasn't

    Pulled up to standing: 7.5 months I think

    Took their first steps: hasn't really done that yet

    Said their first word: 8 mos (hi)

  • How old was your LO when they first:

    Rolled over: 4 Months

    Sat up unassisted: 6 Months

    Crawled: 6 Months

    Started solids: 4 Months

    Got their first tooth: 4 Months (a day before she turned 5 months)

    Pulled up to standing: 7 Months

    Took their first steps: NA

    Said their first word: NA

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