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Baby Shower for a mom on bed rest

A couple of friends & I were hosting a baby shower in two weeks but the Mommy-to-be just got put on bed rest.  She is at 34 and is already starting to dialate with the baby in position.

She still wants to have the shower and get everyone together, but honestly I think it might be too much.  I remember how exhausted I was after my shower and I wouldn't want her to risk her health.

Do you think I should suggest that we move the "shower" to after the baby is born?  We are all at a loss as to what to do.

Re: Baby Shower for a mom on bed rest

  • I had my last shower the morning I went into contractions the first time, bit had E about 6 days later.

    it was a double shower for me and my sister who had adopted in November, It was w/ my moms friends from church. I'll never tell my mom this, but I think it's def what put me over the edge. I was having no labor signs previously and went to Pretty serious contractions and fluid loss that landed me in l& d that night flowed by 6 days of visits in fetal diagnostics w/ the peri, before E had to be induced.

    the whole day was a little too much, and while I was super thankful for all the last min. Stuff I got, and was very over being PG, but the stress of having to meet w/ a peri, was not worth it. I had Pre-e so o can't blame it all on the shower, but I still think there is some type of connection.

    that said, I had had 2 previous showers, so I got most of what we needed already, do you think she wants the shower anyway because she needs things? The stress of not being ready might be worse than a shower.


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  • Could you bring all the gifts to her and then Skype while she opens them?  One of my besties did this with her DH's fam who live OOT. 

    Then, she still gets the goods before baby comes, & everyone gets to "see" her open them, but the stress level might be a little lower because she doesn't have to see everyone in person.  She could even do a few people at a time as they can get together over a period of a few days???

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  • Could everyone bring the gifts to a drop off site at a host's house beforehand and then maybe the original host(s) be there when she opens everything and offer to help the woman's DH put everything away? Then have a baby meet and great afterwords?
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  • Can you make it a PJ themed party and do it in her bedroom?  Or is the guestlist too big?  Have a 11am breakfast PJ thing with pastries and OJ.  Sitting games or just breakfast and gifts? 
  • I like Ashleys breakfast in bed idea. Maybe people could even go in with her a few at a time so it's not like 25 pairs of eyes on her all at once. Just make sure to hire someone or enlist help to clean before and after so she doesn't have to stress about that. Maybe even help her and her H sort things, wash, and put them away. Of course, that would mean more work for you. Are you pretty close with her?
  • I don't think it was for the presents but for the actual shower with friends.  We have girls that were flying in from OOT and it has been a very long time since we were all together.  I like the breakfast in bed idea and it was just going to be 12 of us, so I'm sure we can take turns going in to see her.  I'm going to talk to her hubby and see what he thinks (since we would be invading his house on a Saturday morning).

    Thank you so much for the ideas!  I really wanted to cancel, but this might be a nice compromise. 

  • I think some great suggestions have been made by pp, but I have always thought this would be the perfect decor for a shower like that ...


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