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Any mommys around the Rogers area???  We just moved here from Cincinnati about 3 weeks ago.  Could use some recos regarding pediatricians, dentist, etc.! Thx!


  • The AR board is really dead.  I'm originally from Cincy, too, though and would love to chat.  Email me at mrspate22 at yahoo dot com.  
  • Hey - were you ever on the Cincy board???  I really miss it!  Well thanks for the reply and YGM!!
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  • I just emailed you back.  I never visited the Cincy board....I didn't become active with the message boards until we moved to NY and I still post there pretty much daily.  
  • your baby is too cute red hair and blue eyes my husband and i thought Natalie would come out w/ her hair because of his side of the family. but she arrived w/ a full haed of dark brown hair. i would try to give you advise on pediatricians but we go in the morning to her 2m ck up and I have never used  this Dr. before but if she is good I could let you know in less you have found one that you enjoy. so why did you move to rogers. my husband and I are from tx we came to open up a shop and AR has done us well.  we left all family and friends but it was the right thing for us to do at the time and very glad we did. And now the plp we know up here none have kids and it feels like I have nothing  to talk to them about cause they just don't understand. well just hit me back if you have any Q about this area we have only been here about a yr but i could try to answer any  kathy
  • i've lived in rogers my whole life, 31 years.  i have an excellent dentist.  Dr. England.  he's with rogers dental associates on walnut street.  number is 633-0111. staff is also great.  this is my first baby, so i don't know pediatricians.  obgyn is Dr. Martinelli  at mercy.  hope this helps.  eye doctor is witherspoon.  number is 464-9702. he's great. take my cats to Cat Clinic. 631-6661.  chiropractor jeff smith.  bentonville. he's good, be sure to see him.  271-6992
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