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Anyone deliver here? My husband and I just took our childbirth class and tour yesterday and I was quite shocked and by the look of the place. It was very run down, old, and I didn't feel like the labor or postpartum rooms were cozy or comforting. I really didn't expect it to look that bad. However, they the nurses giving the class and tour were great. They have a bar they can set up on the bed if you want to delivery in a squat position. They have a couple of rooms that have jacuzzi tubs if you want to reserve one and they did have flat screen tv's in the post partpartum rooms. Im not sure what to do at this point as I am 35 weeks and I doubt the doctors in my group delivery anywhere else. Plus, I live in the CWE so this hospital is very convenient for me and my family.
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  • One of the best things about BJC is that it is attached to St. Louis Children's, which has one of the best NICUs in the country.  That is great to know just in case something happened. 
  • I am in class with a woman who just delivered at Barnes and she had nothing but praise for the entire experience.  She said they did everything they could to make sure she didn't have a roommate so her husband could stay with her, and she said she would absolutely recommend it to someone else.  I work at MoBap and have had some poor experience with Barnes in my family, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear the good words! 
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  • To specify, she delivered last month.
  • I haven't seen it myself, but my husband works at Barnes and he told me that I'm not allowed to have my baby there, even though we only live 10 minutes away.  Whenever we have a baby, we will be using Missouri Baptist, which is also in the BJC system and is the more traditional "baby hospital."  As far as why he doesn't want me to deliver at Barnes, I'm not sure other than Mo Bap is supposed to be the best around.

  • I work at Barnes, and will not deliver here. I delivered DS at MoBap, and will agian. For me its mostly that I know some people up there and that is not okay for me to show them my buisness. Other RN's that I work with delivered up there and were extremely happy with their experience.
  • I used to work at Barnes and I wouldnt have my baby there...I would recommend MoBap!
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