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Adrian's Birth Story. Induction/Failed Epi

My birth story is not very pleasant- and there is so much I wish that had happened differently- but it might be a good story for those debating an induction.

My due date was October 24th, and it came and went uneventfully. I had had intense false labor that sent me to the hospital two times previously. Both times my contractions were strong but I was barely dilated/effaced.

Halloween night I took a long hot bath and after going to bed, noticed I was "leaking". Not trying to be TMI, but I just thought it was watery discharge as it was just small amounts. Still, it continued through the night, and especially every time I stood up. I finally realized my water had broken. It was definitely never a gush at all- just tiny trickles, as the baby's head mostly kept it blocked. This was about 3am. I called the doctor on call who said the hospital was actually full that night (all 30 delivery rooms) and to come in after contractions got painful, or otherwise in the morning.

Oddly, my labor never started on my own. By the time I went to the hospital at 8am I still had no contractions. Tests confirmed my water did indeed break, and for the baby's safety I had to deliver within 24 hours. All the rooms were still full so I was kept in triage and put on what the doctor said would be "a little bit of pitocin" At this point I was 3cm dilated.

From 8am to 4pm, labor was pretty uneventful. My pitocin drip was upped every half hour and though contractions got painful, I was able to deal with them. I should mention though, that when being induced you have to have the baby's heart monitored continuously. Because of this, all natural pain methods I learned in class were useless. I had to even ask to get up to use the restroom.

About 4pm the contractions finally hurt to the point that I couldn't talk through them. I had been told I needed to hold off on the epi til I couldn't stand the pain. I told the nurse I was nearing that point and though she said I was still at 3cm, she went ahead and ordered it.

Within the hour the pain was absolutely horrible with contractions right on top of each other. They brought the epi within forty minutes, but I had gone from 3cm to 8.5cm and it failed completely. I had so planned on being as calm and collected as possible for delivery, but suddenly I was a shaking, crying mess. Everyone says you won't care about modesty or much else when in labor, but I was painfully embarrassed at being in such a state. Many doctors and nurses kept coming in and the last thing I wanted was such an audience.

It seemed to take me forever to dilate the last 1.5cm, but by 8:30pm or so I was ready to push. By then the pain was so intense that pushing felt good. I felt like I would have done anything to stop the horrible pitocin induced contractions. I think I only pushed 3 or 4 times and my son was out. (though I tore pretty bad) Thankfully he was healthy and there were no complications, but honestly I barely remember the first moments because I was in a shock of sorts. I was shaking so hard I couldn't hold the baby and had to hand him to my husband.

Obviously, I know some inductions, like this one, are necessary, but if I could have had a choice I'd never have done that. Even without the epi I think the contractions might have been manageable had they not been one right on top of the other. I'm so grateful to have a healthy son but really wish my labor could have went a lot differently!

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  • Well congrats on your little boy fellow Michigan Momma :) Even if it wasn't what you hoped for at least everyone is happy and healthy and together now :D
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  • congrats on your little boy! sorry things didn't go as you planned :( glad you're all healthy though!
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