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I saw you were saying you take Fenugreek every day. I feel like I read a lot of conflicting info about it. Someone said that if you keep taking it, it will stop working as well so once you get a supply boost you should stop. Have you noticed that it didn't work as well after a while? If not, I may just keep taking it for the next 3 months. Also, thanks for sharing the lactation cookie recipe!

Re: Cristina

  • Uummm... I started taking it everyday when Ashley(red) told me she was taking it everyday...  I don't even know if it does anything at this point but make me smell a little funny, but when I feel like my supply drops I also do 948,475 things to bring it up, including increasing my fenugreek dosage to 3 pills/3xs a day (usually I only take 2 or 3, once a day), drink an extra 32 oz of water, throw brewer's yeast and flax in everything I make, eat a bowl of oatmeal, and drink a beer Embarrassed

    Usually when I do all those things, I feel the boobs work again.  I can tell by the strength of my letdown how my supply is doing, so if my letdown starts to not "hurt," I start my milk making rituals.

    And you got it, glad I could help!

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