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baby shower games

I'm in charge of games for my friends baby shower which is in a couple weeks. We were thinking 3 games, but I'm not sure what to choose.

I was thinking:

-baby gift bingo

-baby word scramble

- ???

Any other suggestions??

What did you enjoy from your own baby showers? 

TIA ladies :)

Re: baby shower games

  • we did some nursery rhyme fill in the blanks, baby gift bingo and also some celebrity baby match ups
  • We did the baby food guessing game at a friends shower and my sisters and everyone seemed to like it.  Buy about 8-10 jars of single ingredient baby food, remove the labels, number the lids, and have everyone guess what they are. 

    We played it only based on color/consistency, but apparently some people play it where you can taste the baby food! 

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  • The one where you estimate belly size. There is one where everyone gets a clothespin and you are not supposed to say the word "baby." If you catch someone saying baby, you take their clothespin, the person at the end with the most wins.
  • We played a celebrity baby name game (match the celeb with their baby's name). It was fun.
  • The most popular shower game that I have ever played was the timer game.  The host sets a timer while the guest of honor is opening gifts.  Whenever the timer goes off a name is drawn out of a hat and that person gets a prize.
  • We did the memory game and I kept all the items. Plus they used the items to play price is right.
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  • I hate baby shower games- that said my mom's BFF's  put me through hell b/c of this at my showers haha.

    -Blind baby food taste test

    - Guess the tummy size- everyone gets to cut a string of yarn and guess how big mamas belly is around- each person takes a turn wrapping it around mamas tummy, closest one wins.

    - draw what you think the baby will look like on a piece of paper on top of your head.

    - list out common baby items, and other common purse items- person w/ tghe most win- call me ill explain

    -guess the melted candy bar in the diaper (ewww)

    - match the celeb baby name to the celeb

    -grab a bunch of baby proofing items- people have to guess what they are used for.




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  • At the last shower I went to, we played this game... It was pretty fun, but can get a little confusing.

    The Left Right Game

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  • Some games that I've played recently were:


    Write 15 to 20 animal names on a sheet of paper and make enough copies for each guest. Have the guests write the name of the animal's baby after the animal's name in 3 minutes. The one that gets the most wins.

    Here is a sample list:

    Bear - Cub
    Butterfly - Caterpillar
    Cat - Kitten
    Chicken - Chick
    Cow - Calf
    Deer - Fawn
    Dog - Puppy
    Dolphin - Calf
    Duck - Duckling
    Eagle - Eaglet
    Elephant - Calf
    Fish - Fry
    Fox - Kit
    Frog - Tadpole or Polliwog
    Goat - Kid
    Goose - Gosling
    Horse - Foal
    Human - Newborn, Infant, Baby
    Kangaroo - Joey
    Leopard - Cub
    Lion - Cub
    Monkey - Infant
    Moose - Calf
    Pig - Piglet
    Pigeon - Squab
    Rabbit - Bunny
    Raccoon - Kit
    Seal - Pup
    Sheep - Lamb
    Swan - Cygnet
    Tiger - Cub
    Whale - Calf
    Wolf - Pup or Cub 



    The hostess of the party buys random items from the mom's registry (wipes, washclothes, toys, bibs, bottles, etc) and displays it somewhere at the shower, unwrapped but arranged nicely.  The shower guests guess the exact cost of all the items together and put their guesses in to some sort of container.  When the gift giving is almost over, the hostess announces the total cost of the items and who guessed the closest to the actual price.  They win a prize and the mom gets the loot. 

  • Thank you for all the ideas! I have so many to go over now & decide on!! :)
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