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need gd food ideas

looks like i've probably got gd again (been monitoring my #s at home) anyway, i basically lived off pb&j and eggs last time around.... please give me some ideas to get me started!   i don't think i can do the pb&j/egg thing again!! lol

i think i've got snacks down, i really need breakfast ideas and dinner (well sides) ideas... thanks!

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Re: need gd food ideas

  • I hear you; I'm struggling to keep diabetic-friendly meals interesting.

    For breakfast if you like cottage cheese, that will help add a protein. I can't have more than 2 carb choices at breakfast so I've done cottage cheese, a slice of rye toast with a little butter and a serving of fruit (I'm loving watermelon lately, which isn't in season here so a little pricey but worth it! Strawberries are a favorite also).

    Unsweetened oatmeal (if you're not completely avoiding sweeteners, you can use some Splenda, etc.) with some cinnamon and/or even a few chopped walnuts thrown in.

    Dinner is tough since I love all sorts of rices and potatoes but even small portions have raised my sugar levels. Other than lots of veggies I've been making quinoa, a rice-like grain (you may already know of it) that's been great for blood sugar & satisfies cravings for starches. It comes in flavored varieties like rices do but you can cook & add some parmesan cheese, veggies, whatever you like.

    Occasionally I'll have a portion of whole grain pasta on the side with dinner, keeping it to about 1/4 cup.

    I'm curious to hear other ideas! Hope that helps.   


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  • I've found that whole wheat angel hair pasta with really meaty spaghetti sauce goes a long way and has yet to spike my sugars. I can have corn products (chips, tortillas, etc) and potatoes without much problem, but cereal is ALWAYS a no-no for me.


    Also, I go to an acupuncturist/holistic nutritionist who gave me the following recommendations, and so far it's worked like a charm:

    --add cinnamon to whatever makes sense, as it helps stabilize blood sugar

    --berries are great fruit choices, as they don't tend to spike sugar, either

    --get the Ezekiel bread (I buy it at Whole Foods). It's got 15 carbs per slice, and is a low-glycemic food, so you can make an egg sandwich or whatever in the morning and still be in a good carb range.

     --I eat cottage cheese with just about every meal. It's packed full of protein, so I find I can eat just about anything if I have cottage cheese (plus, it's a low fat protein option, so it doesn't pack on pounds.)

     --There are lots of flavored soy milks that have really low carbs and still provide a bit of "sweet." I use Silk Light Vanilla and Chocolate soy milk (7 carbs and 15 carbs per cup.) It's full of calcium and vitamin D, and you can have a lot of it at a sitting so it fills you up.


    Hope this helps! Good luck! :) 



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  • Breakfasts:

    whole wheat bagel thin with PB and some low sugar jelly on it

    1/2 serving of oatmeal (quick, 1min. oats) with milk.  I add cinnamon and a splenda

    Plain greek yogurt with some strawberries in it and a splenda or low sugar jelly and no splenda

    a smoothie made with strawberries, plain yogurt, a little milk and a splenda


    Dinner sides:

    I can only do brown rice, no other starch works for me :(

    I usually do a salad or veggie as a side



  • thanks ladies!  this does help some!  i forgot how hard this was!  lol  i'm such a starchaholic so i was certainly enjoying my carbs before i started to monitor my #s again.  now i'm trying to get back on track before i'm diagnosed again.  i'm pretty positive that i've got it again. :-(

    i looked into that quinoa stuff today, and man is it pricey!!!  like $5 for about 2 batches of it!  goodness!  its so unfair how expensive it is to try and eat healthy!  

    i know last time around i pretty much couldn't have fruit or dairy before lunchtime otherwise my #s were high for the rest of the day.  

    bought a bunch of veggies today and some greek yogurt so i'm starting to get on the right track!  

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  • My usual breakfast options:
    - 1-2 eggs with a slice of buttered toast and a slice of cheese.
    - 1 cup (cooked) steel cut oatmeal with splenda, cinnamon & a tablespoon of peanut butter.

    - Thai chicken stew (see Food & Wine's website for recipe)
    - Chicken & sausage gumbo
    - 1/2 to 2/3 cup rice or pasta with a protein (usually chicken or pork) and veg (usually baked sweet potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, sauteed kale, green salad, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, mushrooms)
    - 2 chicken or turkey tacos on low-carb tortillas
    - Beefy lasagna (see Kraft's website under the 'healthy living' tab)
    - Veggie pizza on a thin, wheat crust

    For me, the key seems to be strict portion control when it comes to carbs & not eating fruit or yogurt until the afternoon at the earliest. A glass of skim milk at bedtime also seems to give me really good fasting #s.

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