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Scheduled C-Section for a Team Green Baby

This is long, but it is from my family blog and I thought I would just copy and paste it here for anyone interested!


The story of my third miracle's birth takes place on a warm Tuesday morning on October 26th. I was having a scheduled c-section and was supposed to arrive at 9am for an 11am surgery. Paul and I woke up around 7:30 (I was glad that I actually slept!) to the sound of the twins stirring and we got up so excited to meet our new baby today! Paul got the twins dressed and started on breakfast while I got myself ready, I was surprisingly not nervous! All of my bags were pretty much packed except for a few last minute things so that only took a few minutes and around this time my mom arrived to watch Abby and Brady for us. I started to get emotional when it came time to say goodbye to them because the thought of being away from my twinkies for 3-4 days was too much! But we snuck out the back door so they wouldn't get upset at the sight of us leaving and we walked out to the van and snapped one last belly shot!

The drive to the hospital only took 5 minutes and when we arrived to the Labor and Delivery floor they had us wait in the lobby. This is where I started to get a bit nervous, but Paul and I just talked and reminisced about how we couldn't believe we were back in that hospital so soon- it felt like we were just there having the twins! After about a 20 minute wait they took us back to the c-section prep area where I got dressed in a gown and started on IV fluids and all that. My nurse was really nice and she asked us if we were having a blizzard baby (reference to the blizzards we had back when this baby was conceived)- haha! I told her no, Valentine's Day baby! The nurse left us to go take care of her other patients so we just passed the time by talking with eachother and with some of the nurses who came by and remembered me from my bed rest the year before . Our nurse told us that the OR was running behind so we ended up waiting for a couple hours before they were ready for us. The worst part about waiting (besides being hungry!) was that the IV was making me have to pee so bad! So Paul helped me walk to the bathroom (which was right next to my bed) with my giant IV machine several times. Finally at around noon things started moving and the nurses gave Paul scrubs to change into and I got to take my awful antacid drink. The anesthesiologist came in to ask some questions and then Dr. Khan came in to see me and we were given our blue hat things.

At this point it was time to kiss Paul goodbye for a few minutes while I was prepped for surgery (so hard to leave him!). So I walked down to the OR (I was given the choice to walk or be pushed in a bed so I figured I may as well use my feet!). I still remembered the hall well, but luckily the nurses were all really nice and chatting me up so I didn't have too much of a chance to get nervous on the walk down there. The same goes for when we entered the operating room and I was being prepped. I had to sit on the edge of the table for my spinal and the nurse anesthetist administered it and he was very nice and funny. I was scared to get the spinal but it didn't hurt too much (not gonna lie, it did hurt some and there was an uncomfortable pressure but not terrible). I immediately felt the warmth spread down to my toes, it feels so weird how heavy you feel right away! So I laid back on the table and they put the curtain up. I started to feel dizzy and woozy and this is when I got really nervous- I just wanted it to be over with! But they gave me something for it in my IV and I felt better right away.

This is when Paul finally came in and I wasn't nervous anymore, now I was back to excited! They were starting the surgery already when he came in and we were finally going to meet our little surprise miracle!! Paul was going to announce if it was a boy or a girl so we were waiting eagerly for baby's arrival! After what seemed like no time at all, I felt a lot of pressure and pulling and knew the moment was here!

At 12:53pm, the baby was out but Paul was afraid to look and see me all opened up so they held her up and Paul says, "It's a... a GIRL!" I said, "A girl?? It's a girl?!" I was so sure we were having another boy!! But we had a girl! I was so happy and surprised and overwhelmed!!! They took her over to the warming table to clean her up, and I got my first glimpse of my new baby girl!!!!!!!!

She was crying while they cleaned her up and so was I! She looked so big to me, too! They asked us if she had a name but we had not picked one as we wanted to meet her first. Paul got to watch her and take pictures and even cut the cord! Something he said he didn't want to do but is very glad now that he did.

Finally after what seemed like ages, they wrapped her up and brought her to me while they finished putting me back together. A very nice nurse laid her on my shoulder so that I could really see her and it was love at first sight! As soon as she was laying on me and I spoke to her, she stopped crying and just listened to my voice and looked at me. I will never forget that sweet, chubby little face staring back at me!

I only got to visit for about 5 minutes until they took her out to the recovery area where she would wait for me until I was brought out. Paul went with her and Dr. Khan only took about 5 more minutes or so (seemed longer) and they moved me to a bed to roll me out to recovery as well. I was so eager to be back with my baby! When I was in recovery, the baby was next to me under a warming lamp and they put a warmer over me but I was so cold, I couldn't stop shivering! After a few minutes of vital checks for both of us, they let me try to nurse my new baby! I was so happy about being able to hold her and even happier to learn that she could nurse like a champ!! But we only got to try for a few minutes until they wanted to get her dressed and back under the lamp. Paul and I used this time to call everyone and tell them we had a baby girl! Finally it was time to go upstairs to the Mom and Baby (post-partum) floor so they wrapped up my girl and let me hold her for the ride up!

When we got upstairs, they played our lullaby (the hospital plays a lullaby across the whole building when a baby is born) which I had been looking forward to. I was pushed back to one of the last rooms and they moved me over to the much more comfortable bed and got me settled in and most importantly started on some pain meds! I was also given some ice chips and then we were left alone with our new baby and that felt so surreal.

It was already late afternoon at this point and I was very tired but luckily she was a sleepy baby and let me rest a lot. I dozed on and off but was too excited to sleep too much. She nursed a few times for short periods, I was so proud of her for doing such a great job! At midnight the nurses took her to give her a real bath and I said they could keep her until she cried to nurse since I knew I needed to rest. It is a good thing I did because they ended up keeping her for 4 hours and that is still the most sleep I have gotten since she has been born- and I am writing this 6 weeks later! At 4am, I nursed her and Paul changed her and put her back in her bassinet and we thankfully got 3 more hours of sleep.

In the morning the nurses helped me get out of bed for the first time, which was not as bad as it was after my first c-section. They brought me my breakfast tray which was a liquid diet tray consisting of jello, chicken broth, water, juice, and sherbet- which was the most delicious thing after fasting for so long! They brought me a second tray a little later and by noon I was allowed real food!!!!!! I started with french toast and handled it just fine.

The hospital stay was an uneventful two days. I was moving around well and getting plenty of time to rest. We spent most of our time cuddling the baby and trying to think of a name for this new little pink bundle! We had a short list of names but ended up adding to the list before we subtracted! We just wanted it to be perfect for her. And finally when she was 2 days old, we settled on the name we always knew we would pick if the next baby was a girl- Claire. Just before discharge, we picked a middle name- Zoe. Claire Zoe Kuras, the perfect name for our perfect baby girl! It really suits her, too, I just love it as I love all my kids' names!


Welcome Claire Zoe! Born October 26, 2010 @ 12:53pm. 7lbs even! We love you so much!!!


Abigail Noelle, 8.29.09
Brady Phoenix, 8.29.09
Claire Zoe, 10.26.10

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