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Hi ladies....has anyone's doctor weaned them from Lovenox around the 15-16 week point?  My doctor wants to take me off and I'm kind of flipping out.  There's still the potential of a blood clot, so why in the world would a doctor take you off early?



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Re: Lovenox

  • I'm thinking maybe the doc was only concerned about you having a m/c, and is not concerned about you developing a clot - that's the only reason I can think he would be willing to take you off at 15 weeks.  I know you are more likely to develop a clot when you are in the third trimester and pp, so it does seem odd to take you off now.  

    Can I ask why you were put on Lovenox in the first place?  Do you have a clotting disorder?

    If you are worried about being taken off the Lovenox, maybe you should find another doctor and seek a second opinion.

    Good luck, and please keep us posted! 



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  • I was taken off Lovenox at 16 weeks, because there is no evidence that it would help at this point in my pregnancy. My doctor only allowed me to do it, because this was our last effort to have a child, and I wanted to try everything! Did it work, I have no idea, but I have been off of it for a week and we are doing great so far.

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  • Thanks ladies.  I was put on Lovenox for compound heterogeneous MTHFR.  I also take Folgard and a baby asprin.  I transitioned from a RE to a regular OB recently and it's the regular OB that isn't thrilled about the Lovenox. I'm guessing that they think that it's overkill (which it probably is, but why not be safe?)

    I am going to ask my RE and my Primary Care Docs to talk with this OB, but this certainly warrants switching doctors. 

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  • This might be a late post but my RE actually told me he didnt think staying on after the first tri would do anything since chances of m/c are lower at this point.  When we questioned that decision he also said he didnt think staying on would harm anything.  There's no conclusive evidence either way.  When I switched back to my OB after the first tri we told her what he said and she gave us this look like uh, no way, you're staying on it.  Which we were totally find hearing.  I'd stick with it.  I've had no side effects (at this point) from it since I'm on a prophylactic dose.  All u/s's look good at this point so I think the LO is doing well also.
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