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New Years Resolutions

Mine are:

Run a 5k...maybe even a 10k! But I'm going to start with the 5k. My sister has 2 young boys, and she ran 2 5ks in 1 week! If she can do it, I have no they are putting an LA Fitness (I'm a member) a mile from my house...:o/

Start back with Couponing.

Complain less.

Do a better job at keeping my house clean.

Spend less time on the internet.


What's yours?



Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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Re: New Years Resolutions

  • I am resolving to be more organized, which will also help me to not be late to places :)  I already got my white board to write out the week's meal plan for dinners, and hanging shelves for the boys closets to place outfits for the week ahead, and we are cleaning the house all weekend and selling stuff on CL.  I'm actually pretty organized by nature, but have let the chaos of not having time to myself at home catch up to me lately. 

    Last year my goal was to lose the baby weight, and I had a similar plan in process (WW, boot camp and C25k) and it worked!  So hoping this year will be successful as well :) 

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  • Work out more, just for general health reasons

    Try not to get so angry or worried over the things that don't really matter

     @MrsGuz-I ran a 10K a few years ago and was totally out of shape when I started training for it. But, I have never felt better in my life than when I finished that run. I was on a high for 2 days!

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  • Talk less, do more.

    I want to set up a book drive for our library. It's lacking in the toddler dept. I'm going to try and do this with some help from our local Chick Fil a

    Open an etsy... maybe... this is in the brain stage.

    Learn to really sew, not just straight lines. 

    Get another tattoo.

    Vacation to the mountains and beach.

    I would say the weight thing but, I never follow through. Maybe just do a few more 5ks.  


  • I think I'm stealing your couponing one.  I was doing so well with that earlier this year and just forgot all about it.

    Basically, my big one is to slow down and enjoy my kids while they are still little.  This includes a pretty significant career change... I am 95% sure that I will only be returning part time after maternity leave.  I am definitely doing a "trial" to see how I like it and if it goes well, we will probably make it permanent.  I'm nervous about it but also really looking forward to our new normal.

    Right along with the previous one, I want to take more pictures.  I was really good about this with Gavin but I've already been sucking with Sophie and I feel terrible.  We don't even have any pictures of her first Christmas!  Shame shame on me!

    My other big one is to appreciate DH more.  He really is awesome and I brag about him all the time, but I also give him a hard time more than he deserves.  So I want to work on that. 

    And physically, I'd like to hit my prepregnancy weight at some point this year.






  • Guz you can totally do a 5k. I used the C25K program and ran a 5k before I even finished it. I am not a runner but I have run two 5Ks. One I pushed Graham in the stroller and ran the whole way. I am going to start working towards a 10k this spring.

    I don't really have a resolution because I don't keep them. I would like to cook more and eat out less though.

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  • I plan to get really fat and then lose 40 lbs!  lol!  also less internet in 2011, thinking my third child should help with that! 
  • I'm training for a 10K..I did the C25K program and it's really great. 

    My other resolutions include:

    plant a family garden, volunteer in the community, and save for the needed addition for our house. 


  • I have 2. 

    1. Lose weight

    2. do a better job of housekeeping with a major focus on laundry.

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