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My Little Guy Decided He Wanted to be a 2010 Baby!

My little guy is here!  I had an ultrasound last week to check on his size due to gestational diabetes.  Size was fine, but they found he was still breech and my amniotic fluid was low.  Had to rest up and drink lots of fluids over the weekend and go back for a repeat ultrasound on Monday.  On Monday the tech said looks like someone is having a birthday today!  My fluid was down to 1, so it was time to get him out.  We headed to the hospital and Camden Joseph was born by c-section weighing 5 pounds 14 ounces.  He is a peanut!  I am so in love and so ovewhelmed at the same time.  I knew a c-section would be major surgergy--but wow, that mixed with the hormones and I am not a pretty ight right now! Wink  Just keep telling me it gets better!

I have to give major props to Northside Forsyth.  My doctor was delivering there that day and so we had a choice to go there or to Northside Atlanta where we were originally supposed to go.  I love my doctor so we choose Forsyth and I can not rave enough about that place.  I was an abolute nervous wreck and every person there was incredible and took such great care of me.  The nurses were amazing!  I have nothing to compare it to, so all hospitals may be this way, but I was very impressed and if I am ever crazy enough to go through it again we will head back up there.

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