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I am just beginning the search for a double stroller.

I am struggling to find a side by side stroller that has an infant car seat on one side and a regular seat on the other. I feel like I've seen someone at the mall with one of these, but I may be dreaming.

Have you ever seen a stroller like this? 

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Re: Stroller search

  • The Peg Perego Aria twin has (or had, I don't know if they still carry it) what they call a 60/40 split.  its a side by side with the side that accommodates the car seat being the bigger side. Most side by sides do not fit an infant seat because they are limited to a certain width so you can get through standard doorways.  I think a few jogging strollers have infant seat adapters for them, but I don't know any names.
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  • We're probably getting a Baby Jogger City Mini Double with an infant seat adapter. We'll be able to use it with our Graco infant carseat. We currently have the single and we like it.

    There are other side by side strollers that have an infant seat adapter. My friend has a Combi, but you have to have a Combi seat to use it. You can get an infant car seat adapter for the BOB, too.

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  • We've narrowed it down to either the BJ City Mini or the Bob Duallie.  Both are side-by-sides and both have an adapter that will fit the carseat. 
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  • We're getting the Bumbleride Indie Twin once the new spring colors arrive. The stroller has the capability to have an infant seat on one side and the regular seat on the other.
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