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convertible car seat recs

Hi !  We just registered yesterday at BRU.  We did the Chicco Key Fit travel system with the extra bases and registered for a Graco My Ride 65 in Spiral for one convertible car seat.  Does anyone have this car seat or have any feedback about it?  I read mostly good reviews on BRU online.

Also, we are looking into registering for another convertible car seat.  Any recommendations?  TIA!

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Re: convertible car seat recs

  • I wouldn't register for any convertible seats due to expiration dates. By the time you actually use it, you will have wasted possibly close to a year or more off the life of the seat.

    You can find good recommendations here:

    Also, FWIW, I have been able to find amazing deals on all of my seats during Target clearance sales. I have bought 3 Britax seats (all with recent manufactured dates) for $140, $135 and less than $40.

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  • What is a convertible car seat expiration date?? I've got the Evenflo Symphony 65 but it's still in the box.
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  • I love our true fit premier and feel confident it will last well. DD is still RF with at least 10 lbs to go and tons of height. Then I can keep her harnessed til 65 lbs. My ride is a good seat but if your baby is tall you may not get as much RF time as you think but still good. Other popular seats are sunshine kids radian and the newer Britain seats. is a great resource for sure. As far as expiration I am too lazy to Google now but a lot of seats are 6 years from manufactured date. I did not register for mine not because of expiration but mostly beause I could not make up my mind. Good luck
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  • I have a Britax Marathon and a Cosco Scenara. Both are rated well on consumer reports but the Cosco is a PITA. The pros of it include: inexpensive, doesn't take up a lot of room in the car, and lightweight. Cons: hard to install RF, uneven tightening straps, uncomfortable (to DS). The Marathon's Pros: easy install RF, comfy, easy tightening straps. Cons: pricey, bulky, and heavy. I might try a Sunshine Radian convertible for the new baby. They're pricey but take up less room I hear.
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  • Most car seats expire (varies by manufacturer) 6 years from the date it was made.  Every seat has a sticker telling you the date it was made.  If your car seat was made and sat on a shelf in a store for 6 months.  Then in your basement for a year before you use it, you've just wasted 1.5 years of eligible life.  Waiting until you actually need to use the the seat to buy it is a better idea.
  • Chicco Infant Seat I would go for. Then around 6 months switch to a bigger one like Britax. After all, the chicco keyfit unsnaps and use it a as a carrier as well
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