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Guess what I found this morning?

Caroline sleeping on her tummy!  This was the first time I found her like this, even though she has been able to roll both ways for a month and a half.  The funny thing is that when she woke up, she got her arms out from under herself like she was going to flip over, but when she lifted her head, she saw the monkeys on her bumper (she was laying sideways so they were not far in front of her face) and she instead decided to just lay on her belly and talk to and reach out for the monkeys. 

I of course know all of this because I stand out of her line of vision and watch her.  This is precisely the reason that I opted not to get a video monitor.  I would probably just sit and watch it all night!

Re: Guess what I found this morning?

  • awwww caroline is so cute talking to her monkeys! nia sleeps on her tummy and we put her in her crib for the first time yesterday and she was trying to bite the little monkeys on her sheet's pattern. i think caroline and nia would be fast friends!
  • OMG, both of your stories make my heart melt.
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  • image sarlah:
    OMG, both of your stories make my heart melt.

    I know, right?!

  • I guess babies like monkeys!  Caroline also talks to the mokeys on her sheets when she lays on her side (which is most times) when we have that particular sheet on.  We probably have the same one :)
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