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Asthma and Pregnancy

I am not sure if this would be the right place to post or not? has anyone experienced pregnancy while having asthma.  I am just starting to TTC and was curious about if you take your asthma medicine while pregnant.  I don?t see my doctor till next week for my check up and I plan to ask her, but I was reading on my inhaler (albuterol sulfate) that taking it while pregnant can cause birth defects and it kind of has me worried.

 Those of you with asthma, did your doctor prescribe a different medicine during your pregnancy or did you still take you inhaler when needed (and did you have any problems).

Re: Asthma and Pregnancy

  • I take albuterol as rescue inhaler and Flovent for prevention, both of which has remained throughout my pregnancy. So my meds were not changed. 


    Really, it's going to be about control and weighing risks/benefits. The risk of your asthma being uncontrolled is generally greater than the risks of medication. But that is conversation for you and your doctor.


    I will say that my asthma has been great this pregnancy, I have only had one attack triggered by a stupid person's aftershave bathing. 

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  • I have severe asthma and took multiple medications throughout both of my pregnancies.  Nothing wrong with either child :)  Actually, it's better to have your asthma under control than risk being oxygen deprived.

     My only complication arose from being on steroids.  Due to the prednisone, I ended up with gestational diabetes.  It was a bit hard to control because it was dependant on my current steroid doseage.  Diet didn't control the GD 100% but medication was hard to use and it took constant tweaking. 

     The only medication I did stop taking was a decongestant/allergy combo due to the decongestant factor.  And uniphyll -- because that does have an ability to cause a potential birth defect.  Otherwise  - albuterol, atrovent, advair, qvar, singulair, zyrtec - all of those I took and both kiddos are a-ok! 

    Talk to your doctor.  But you should be fine. 

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  • Sorry for the late response, but I wanted to chime in. The only category B drug for asthma is Pulmicort. I used that throughout my 1st PG. It didn't work as well as the drug I was on prior to conceiving (Asmanex), but my asthma isn't severe so it was fine for me. 

    I started taking it for this PG, but stopped a few weeks ago b/c my asthma felt a better and I didn't think I needed it. Now I'm regretting going off of it b/c I have bronchitis and my asthma is flaring up. I started taking it again, but it will take a while to start working.  

    I think it depends on how severe your asthma is. Like PP's said, the risk of birth defects isn't as bad as the risk of your baby not getting enough oxygen. So, it's definitely something you should discuss with your dr.  

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