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? - internal checking of scar

Has anyone asked if their provider plans on doing this after delivery?  I had read that this was pretty much not done anymore, and frankly do not want it done (I think it adds danger more than anything).  Has anyone asked if their OB does this?  Is it pretty much passe these days?
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Re: ? - internal checking of scar

  • I asked my midwife if she did it when I was pg with DD.  She said she doesn't for the same reasons I didn't want it done (what if they are checking and it is a minor rupture and then accidentally tear it apart, it can introduce bacteria/infection to the uterus, etc).

    I have a girlfriend whose OB checked her scar internally after she had a VBA2C.  In her case nothing happened (he said it was fine).  He said does it routinely after VBAC.  Still makes me nervous though.  Plus, what does it matter?  If there is a minor rupture you don't do anything about it anyway. 

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  • My MW never brought it up, so I never asked.  And it was definitely not done after delivery.  From what I read on the ICAN site, it's not done anymore because it doesn't really tell the provider anything (no real benefit). 

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