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The phone call :(

I had my Amnio test done 8 days ago & they said the results would be here tomorrow or Monday. I am dreading the phone call! I know that I need to just find out & go from there but I am almost to scared to know. I have a 1:2 for T18 & my hopes are so low. I am frightened that they will confirm it. 

How did you deal with the phone call? I feel so nervous I might get sick. 

Any thoughts to make this easier or anyone who can relate please post!!!

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Re: The phone call :(

  • I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. We were high risk for T18, and it was very difficult waiting for the results. Are these preliminary FISH results or the full amnio results? One thing that helped us was that the call came earlier than we expected, so we were caught a little off guard. No matter what, just do your best to hang in there and know no matter what news you get you will get through this. One thing that was helpful was reading boards of women going through this (baby center has a good one if you do a search). For us, it turned out that LO doesn't have a trisomy but now does have IUGR, so that's why our numbers were off. I've read stories of good news with a risk like yours and stories of unwanted news from much lower risk women, so only time will tell. It's a nightmare I know, but at least soon you will know either way and can plan your life. I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted on how things go.
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  • I wish you the best of luck with the call. I know how it can be just waiting for news like that. Just take it one day at a time. Enjoy being pregnant, enjoy your baby, and enjoy something really distracting. I'm sure in other ways you've beaten odds way worse than 1:2. Why not this?
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  • Good Luck. I know how nerve wrecking the wait can be. Did you opt for FISH results?
    Either way, I know everything will be fine. ((HUGS)).
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