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Any Hickory ladies?

Hey ladies.  I was hoping that you could help me out.  My family and I are looking at possibly relocating to the Hickory area within 2011.  From my research, it appears that the general recommendation is to not live within the city limits for tax purposes.  I have been looking at housing via online real estate sites but not knowing the area (more importantly the areas to stay away from) makes it difficult to narrow the search area. 

 Do you have any recommendations for areas or specific neighborhoods in the 150-235k range?

Do you have any input on the schools?  Which are better and which are better to run from?

Do you have any recommendations for realtors that you have worked with and LOVE? 

 Thanks so much!

Re: Any Hickory ladies?

  • I'm so sorry to hear that.  Can I ask why you don't like it at all? 
  • I don't live there, but my DH grew up very close to Hickory and his parents still live there.  They rave about Granite Falls which is a small town off of Hwy 321.  They actually tell us all the time that we would love it if we moved there, etc. etc.  My MIL actually works in the schools there and she really likes the 2 elementary schools she works in.  Sorry, I don't know the names. 

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  • Funny enough, we had actually been looking at the Granite Falls area as it would be the shortest commute if we were to move.  We will continue to search in that area. 

    Mrs. Lee, I'm sorry that has been your experience.  My hubby and I LOVE the rural areas as majority of our entertainment comes from being outside and not just putt-putt and movies.  As far as the people go, I am pretty sure that you can find just as many racist/homophobic and generally judgemental people anywhere you live including the triangle and CT.  I hope that your experience improves and I appreciate your feedback.

  • I don't live in Hickory, but I do live in Lenoir (about a 30 min, drive from Hickory). I would also recommend the Granite Falls/Hudson area (DH is from Hudson). I don't know much about Hickory (other than shopping and things like that :P) but I know that Granite Falls & Hudson are nice places to live. I've heard some really great things about Baton Elementary, Hudson Elementary, and Hudson Middle Schools. I would certainly recommend this area for new comers, although I can't be specific in recommending specific Realtors to work with or anything. GL with your move. 
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