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Can You Post What Was on Your Hospital Packing List?

Although I've just been through this, it's amazing how quickly I forget what I used and didn't.  If anyone can post what they packed, that'd be very appreciated!


Re: Can You Post What Was on Your Hospital Packing List?

  • Nothing. heh.

    When we went to the hospital (on Christmas Eve) we honest to goodness did not know we were getting ready to have a baby. Her due date wasn't until New Years Day, and we were sort of on the fence about whether or not we thought my water had broken. More than anything, we went to the hospital just to make sure that we *weren't* having a baby. Literally the only thing we had with us was the carseat, and that's only because it had already been in the car for weeks already.

    Sorry. I probably wasn't much help. hehehe!

  • My own toiletries- it really made me feel like a person after delivery to be able to shave and wash my hair etc. Bath robe Yoga pants
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  • Here is what I used.....

    Boppy, toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, contact solution, glasses, lip gloss, mascara, face wash, moisturizer, toothbrush, etc.), comfy socks, bath robe, my own towel (I am weird about towels),

    I was being induced so I slept in my own pjs so I would be more comfortable the very first night. I wore the gown after that so I didn't dirty my own stuff....

     I actually had a ton more things packed but didn't use most of it. I brought some leisure activities (book, movie, etc.) but didn't have time for any of it!

     That is all I can think of at 2AM :)

  • I overpacked but this is what I used:

    baby book (filled it out while DS was sleeping)

    relaxing cd (for DS when he was cranky)

    go home outfit for mom and baby

    clothes for dad

    snack foods


    hair brush

    Other than that I was pretty comfy with the hospital stuff.
  • Make up...Shampoo & conditioner...Toothbrush & Toothpaste

    Lotion! Hospitals are so so dry.


    Make up Remover Wipes ( got rid of all the sweat and stuff during labor. very refreshing :) )

    Thigh High Knitted Socks. My labor room was freezing and kept me extra warm :)

    Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers

    I loaded my Ipod with movies but didn't even watch any of it. There was a 16 & pregnant marathon on all day. haha.

    Sports bra. My mom brought me one half way through labor because my regular one got really uncomfortable for some reason and it made a huge difference.

    Your own pillow...Slippers...a robe...

    cant think of anything else...hope that helps! 

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  • Robe; Socks; Comfy pants & T-shirt, Underwear, Birthing Ball (never used it though, I was stuck in bed the whole time), Nursing Bra, Candies to suck on during labor if my mouth got dry (never used them though), Bathroom items (travel size shampoo and conditioner, soap, deodarant, etc.), bathing suit for the tub (I did get in to the tub at one point, but I didn't care to put the bathing suit on), phone & charger, computer & charger, change of clothes for my SO & bathing suit (just in case I needed help with showering), camera, & insurance papers (just in case)

    Baby: Carseat, filled diaper bag, outfit for hospital (our hospital took pictures for a "web nursery") and a going home outfit.

    DD - Juliana Joan - Born October 27, 2010 - My Little Princess

    BFP 1/14/13 - M/C 1/22/13 @ 5 weeks

    BFP 3/20/13 - EDD 11/11/13

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    • My own toiletries like makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, razor, & lotion.
    • Snack foods
    • Boppy!!
    • Baby blanket (especially for skin-to-skin times with Mom & Dad)
    • Forms that needed to be filled out after his birth
      • Verification of birth for my insurance
      • Verification of birth for my leave of absence
    • Nursing outfits
    • Comfy clothes like a robe, slippers, & pajama bottoms
    • Laptop!
    • Camera
    • Any chargers you need for camera & cell phone
    That's all I can think of!
  • image Tsurrel:
    My own toiletries- it really made me feel like a person after delivery to be able to shave and wash my hair etc. Bath robe Yoga pants
  • These are the things I REALLY used at the hospital, of course I was there longer than most.

    • Pajama pants
    • Socks and/or slippers
    • my own toiletries
    • my own pillow (dear God, don't forget this)
    • DVD's from home
    • my laptop
    • crossword puzzles
    • PJ's and underwear for DH.

    Snacks were unnecessary, most hospitals are centrally located and DH was able to run to get something that he wanted. I'm sure he welcomed the escape.

  • I haven't delivered yet, but don't forget camera, chargers, and batteries!
  • Things I actually used: camera w/ battery charger, hoodies and nursing bras (SO much easier than the hospital gown), my own toiletries, toothbrush, hairbrush, mouthwash (for when I was in labor for 26 hours and couldn't get out of bed to brush my teeth), chapstick, undershirts and outfit for LO.
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  • The things that were most valuable: my own toiletries, lip gloss because the hospital was so dry, lanolin because my nipples started to crack because we had latch issues at first, my laptop for when LO was asleep our camera and our cell phones If I could go back I would bring my own towel because their towels were the size of hand towels and rough like sandpaper! I also brought my take home outfit for LO and some pjs for myself that I didn't even put on right away because I was bleeding so much and I didn't want blood all over them. We also needed 5 receiving blankets (I only needed 2 buy depending on the size of the baby you may need more) to support the babys head in the car seat because my hospital wont let you use the ones in the seat because they aren't sturdy enough for most newborns and told me I should only put it back in the seat once LO can support his head
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