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XP: Pacifier question

DD has used a binky since she was in the hospital. I don't mind her having it at all and loved it for bed time. But I noticed 2 days ago we had gone the entire day before without a binky and decided to see how the day went without it again. DD doesn't even notice its gone lol. She just got her first tooth and is walking now so it is probably best we lose it now anyway. Im just wondering whats going to happen when new DS comes home from the hospital in 2 months with one and she notices it and thinks its hers. Right now it's kind of an out of sight out of mind thing, so im wondering if she will go back to it when he arrives and they are present again? Has anyone had experience with this? Any tips? Maybe if I give him a different type of binky then what she used she wont put two and two together? TIA
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Re: XP: Pacifier question

  • A different paci is a good idea- maybe a blue one or one with a male pattern so you can say "Oh, it's for little boys". Two months is pretty good- my pedi recommended no major changes for her two months before so that she doesn't associate them with LO's arrival, so it sounds like you're right on schedule. Also, it's not something that was forced, it sounds like she outgrew it on her own so hopefully she won't "miss" it.

    I would transition to a new "comfort" item for her- something that she can associate with being a big girl. A new stuffed animal might be a good idea, something that LO can't have so you can explain that he needs the paci because he can't have a stuffed animal/blanket/etc.

    Good luck- I caught DD with a plastic paci in her mouth that came with a doll care kit the other day and she hasn't used hers for 7 months. I'm sure when LO arrives I'll catch her with the bottle or paci a few times.

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  • DS only uses his at bedtime. He's completely fine without it throughout the day, including nap time. We've tried to get him to give it up at bedtime, but we didn't force it and he's just not ready.

    Like you I thought if we take it away he will just want DD's pacifier when she's born. 

    No real suggestions since your LO fave it up on her own. Good for her!

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  • We just dropped the paci for DS so that he could adapt to that change and have a couple months before DD arrives home from the hospital.  We plan to use a completely different brand for DD so that they look different.  Also, DS was very particular about his brand of paci so I'm thinking even if he "tries" hers when I'm not looking, he won't like it anyway. 
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