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Kid Kraft Retro Kitchen?

Does anyone have this kitchen? I am thinking of purchasing it for DD's 2nd b-day but I am worried it's super short. It looks a lot smaller than the one at PBK and DD is super tall for her age. 

Any feedback would be appreciated!  

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Re: Kid Kraft Retro Kitchen?

  • We don't have it but I just saw it in person.   The build quailty is great... very comparable to the Pottery Barn Kids one but it is very small.   My DD is 17 months and was just about as tall as the fridge. 
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  • Do you mean the 3-part kitchen at PBK? That thing is huge, if you ask me, and $750. We have the Kidcraft Retro kitchen in a hot pink and it's fabulous. It's the perfect size and I would say it's much taller than DD at this point. We're very happy with it. One of the pieces was damaged when we got it (scratches) so we went online and ordered a new one and it came in 2 days. Great customer service, too. 
  • I just got DS the red retro Kid Kraft kitchen for xmas. I LOVE it. The quality is fantastic, and it wasn't that hard to put together. As far as size, DS is 16 months and isn't tall enough to reach into the microwave above the sink. The counter comes to between his chest and belly. He will definitely be using it for a few years.
  • I had to jump in and say that the quality of the Kid Kraft kitchens is wonderful. We don't have the retro kitchen, but another wooden KK kitchen that we got for Christmas and we love it!
  • We have the KidKraft Retro Kitchen.  It's not huge like the PBK kitchen, but it also only costs $150 compared to $750.  Norah is petite, so it is much taller than she is now (she will have to grow a lot before she can reach the microwave).  I'd say it's about 3-3.5 feet tall.

    Oh, and the quality is incredible for the price.  I really couldn't be happier.

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  • We have it, the build is excellent quality. DS absolutely loves it. We chose it bc it's not enormous, and it's SO much cuter than all the plasticy ones out there.

    This pic from Xmas morning isn't a great one but shows the scale. DS is tall for his age and almost 14 mos. if that is helpful.

    I DEFINITELY recommend it. Ditto Amandopolis, I could not be happier with this thing!


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